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What has worked for me:

1. Working out is fun!

Do not treat working out as a chore. But fun! a fun chance to test yourself and test your strength!

2. Love of leveling-up my body

If we assume life is a video game or RPG and you’re the hero, then this means:

Your body is the character. Thus, level up your body!

Once again let us consider:

It is not considered bad taste for you to buy a fancy car, buy expensive luxury things, or to level-up your video game character.

Why not treat your own body as the ultimate art-object and video game character, and just strive to level-up yourself?

3. Powerlifting


Deadlifts for life. I was able to pull 455 deadlift sumo style with chalk and mixed grip with the following regimen:

Increase my one-rep max attempt by 5 pounds (2.5 pound weight additional on each side of the barbell) every week.

This is my powerlifting philosophy. It doesn’t really matter how big your muscles are. What matter is your ultimate ‘one rep max’ strength on any given lift.

ERIC KIM deadlift gif 455 sumo - normal
455 Sumo Deadlift (one rep max)

Powerlifting is the ultimate ego-expression!

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