Flex muscle


If life is an RPG, the funnest goal is to strive to level up yourself to the maximum, and BEYOND the maximum!

Discover “missing no

In Pokémon, there was a hack and glitch in which you can fight a glitch called “missing no” (missing number), which allowed you to catch Pokémon BEYOND level 99 (the maximum level of a Pokémon monster in the game). For example, I remember catching a Snorlax which was level 255.

The basic notion was that there was a “glitch” in the system which allowed you to go BEYOND the system. Perhaps like Kanye said,

I’m like the glitch in wreck it Ralph!

If reality is the game, we should delight on being a glitch or a “mutant”. Perhaps this is what will allow us to go BEYOND being just a “normal” person. The goal is to become a HYPER human.

Become the glitch!

Glitch society! Go “off code”. Don’t follow social conventions or norms!

Treat yourself like the ultimate life experiment. Strive to see the limits of the human body (powerlifting), and also the limits of artistic digital creation!

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