Why You Should Start Vlogging

Or why vloggers shall inherit the future:

Why vlog?


I started my YouTube channel in around 2010, and it has been one of my greatest assets. Still — I think 80% of my value is this blog, but 20% of the value has come through YouTube.

Why vlog?

Vlogging is technically more natural. To write is very unnatural. Even for me, I only write out of necessity. I prefer to talk, walk, and stream my thoughts with all the unedited “um’s” and “ah’s”.

Why live forever?

Vlogging is fun!


Vlog in a spirit of fun and playfulness. Ain’t no right or wrong way to do it. The way I think about it:

To vlog is to make a “video-log” of your daily life, your activities, your thoughts– whatever!

Change over time

ERIC KIM HOME FLEX PROGRESS: The Art of Bodybuilding

A video log of your life is fun. You can see how your life has changed and evolved over time.

Art of bodybuilding

Think BEYOND YouTube

YouTube is good, but I use VideoPress as well. The benefits of VideoPress:

  1. Access to original file
  2. No spam
  3. No distractions
  4. Integration with wordpress

Downsides of YouTube:

  1. Lots of ads
  2. Distractions for ‘related videos’ which shows up at the end
  3. The traffic is directed to YouTube, instead of your own website/blog.

What should I vlog about?


JUST SHARE YOUR LIFE. You can share the most mundane things like your daily routine. No editing necessary. Keep it raw, fun, simple, and playful.

Photography for Mental Health
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