Why Making Videos and Vlogging is So Fun

If you have never made videos or vlogged before, give it a go! It’s so insanely fun!

Walking is fun!

Why I’m so motivated

First and foremost, walking is one of the greatest joys in life. To be able to walk, talk, and think all at the same time — this is the apex!

Walking outside

The world is different with video

The world is different with video. Like Garry Winogrand said:

I photograph to see what the world looks photographed.

Similar joy with video–

I shoot video because it is an interesting and fun hybrid of both video, photo, and audio. The world looks different with and on video.

Thank you for your service

Turning videos into animated GIF files

One of my new enjoyments– creating animated GIF files!

I don’t know about you, but personally — I like auto-playing videos on MUTE. I never listen to audio online when I’m surfing on the web.

Also, I loved ANIMATED GIF, because there is so much more creativity you can do with it! I personally use the GIPHY Capture tool on my MacBook laptop, and it is very simple, easy, and fun to use!

Here is how I do it:

Essentially you take a piece of your screen, hit record in Giphy Capture, then save it as an animated GIF. Then you can upload it to your website, blog, etc.