MacBook laptop My ghetto standing desk at home


How I work:

1. Working

I believe working on a laptop is probably the most effective and efficient way to work. In my eyes, the 13” MacBook Pro [touchbar] is probably the one to get.

Nowadays I’m working from my apartment [hyper fast wifi], which allows me to work without kinks in the hose. It is the most fluid way I can work.

Also nowadays, it seems listening WITHOUT music is beneficial, to give more voice to my own inner-thoughts.


Nowadays what I do is this:

Split my laptop into half-view, and keep my safari/blog on the left, and keep my IA writer app on the right.

I use ‘focus’ mode on ia writer, and I just type what is on my mind. I have also been inspired by my own vlogs — while I vlog an idea, I get an idea to write about!

3.In praise of laptops

MacBook laptop My ghetto standing desk at home
My ghetto standing desk at home

Phones are great, tablets are great, but it seems ultimately laptops are the best.