New Goals for Humanity?

A thought —

Assuming traditional capitalism and consumerism is dead… what are our new goals for humanity?

New Goals for Humanity?

For example, I think right now the current (or at least the old) goal for humanity was utilitarianism. Jeremy Bentham’s notion:

The greatest amount of happiness, comfort and (virtuous) pleasure for all, with the least amount of pain, suffering, and injustice for all.

Is this still a good goal for us to have?


My thoughts

It seems also the old goal of humanity was:

Earn as much money as you can, and spend as much money as you can on stuff, experiences, travel, etc.

For example:

  1. Save enough money for a house, and aim to one day fully pay off your house and mortgage. But is this still a good goal… especially considering most of us are stuck at home bored out of our minds?
  2. Buy a fancy car. But is this still a good goal considering we no longer need to travel or go anywhere? If we no longer need to drive to work, if we can simply telecommute from home? For example, what’s the need of a luxury car if you cannot leave your house and have nobody to flex in front of? Or assuming you actually like the comfort and performance … what’s the point of it if you never leave your house? Or the need for self driving cars, if the streets are now empty? Perhaps the only purpose of a car now is for fun and purely sport — to drive a convertible sports car (Mazda Miata) in the woods and windy roads, for the adrenaline rush and sport of it?
  3. Whats the point of trying to earn more money if we no longer have any meaningful venues to spend our money? For example, the inability to go to fancy restaurants, buy fancy clothes, go to hipster coffee shops, the club, bar, movies, mall, etc? What is the real use of money during a pandemic? Paying rent, buying meat, buying coffee. That’s pretty much it.

Thus my first point — it seems that we have been insanely distracted. Distracted by striving to earn more money. Distracted by “going out”. Distracted by desiring to purchase and buy x, y, z. Now we no longer have any distractions … now what?

What’s the point?

My thought and belief:

There is no ultimate “point” or purpose to humanity. All of our final ends are dictated by us … us Demi-gods.

In Ancient Greek times, the only difference between heroes (humans, or Demi-humans) and gods were that the gods lived longer. Odysseus was seen as equally clever, cunning, and inventive like Zeus. Even Achilles kicks the ass of the war god Ares in battle.

The fear of dictating our own ends in life, or the inability, or the lack of imagination?

Let us assume “God is dead” (Nietzsche), and there is no afterlife. No heaven or hell. Once we die, our soul dies with us (the mortal soul). Then what?

Then it means:

All is allowed. All is permitted! (The creed of the ancient assassins).

No morality. No ethics. No right and wrong, good or evil. Simply cause and effect, or action and reaction.

Then this means:

You can do anything with your life you desire.

You got the power to dictate what you desire to do, and what NOT to do. Are you ready for this? Are you strong enough, hard enough, evil enough, cunning enough, inventive enough?

New goals for humanity?

Ultimately what is the philosopher? The legislator of the future (Nietzsche) which means:

The philosopher is the law-maker and the law-enforcer of the future.

The philosopher in the future will dictate what we should do, and what we should NOT do. And they will have the power to actually enforce the laws with the police, military, etc.

Some of my thoughts and hopes for the future of humanity:

  1. Space travel, and space colonization of other planets. Space ships, etc. If humanity survives for another 500,000 years, we will certainly eventually get bored with earth. I am bullish and think the earth will still be inhabitable for another 500,000 years (although it won’t be as pretty as it is right now). But still… it seems the human spirit and the desire for the human will to over-power, or the human desire for “power overwhelming” needs an outlet. Humans building new colonies on different planets, space, etc … the same spirit as children have in building sand castles, LEGO cities, etc. No limits for the human imagination.
  2. New innovations and forms of artistic expression, creation, thriving. Consider the grandeur and phenominality of modern architecture. Or the insane epicness of new computer graphics, animations, films, video games, etc. Almost everything in the digital realm is phenomenal — even see how insanely epic Oculus Rift/Virtual Reality is. Perhaps we humans like inventing new technologies for arts creation, because it is about our human spirit OVERCOMING and GOING BEYOND the laws of physics, space, gravity, etc. I’m quite bullish on the future of video, cinema, computer graphics, 3D art and modeling, augmented reality, virtual reality, etc.
  3. New discoveries about the human body and physiology. Our body is a universe in itself. To augment our human body to the maximum. Maximal strength, muscle, and aesthetic beauty.