What if we believed the soul was mortal— that once we died, our soul also died with us? Then what? How would we approach life differently and live life differently?

You only got one life to live.


If this is your only one life to live… how do you want to live it? No rules, no ethics, no morality. Just you. What do you want to do?

My ambition: To help empower you to become more epic.

Today’s society is all about fear marketing, fear feeds, and fear-driven consumerism. Fear of looking dumb, fear of getting negatively judged, fear or ostracizement from the collective. But what if we could live our lives NOT being afraid— not being afraid of others, and not being afraid of the future, and welcoming it instead?

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What I care is for the advancement of humanity and individuals


My great love is for humanity and for the individual. I want to make individuals more powerful. To give them more power, and to use that power to create more art, to think deeper thoughts, and share that power with others.

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