Nowadays there is too much focus and faith on metaphysics (things beyond the physical world, notions like “good” and “evil) and almost no focus on the physical.

Why so much obsession with metaphysics? My thought: we humans all want to become superhuman, or mini-god-deities. We want to transcend the physical realm — we don’t like feeling constrained or held back by the physical!

For example the internet — it makes us feel like a cybernetic mini-God! We got access to all the sum of human knowledge and information of all-time. With the power of the internet, it is almost as if our central nervous system has expanded beyond — into the cybernet.

Were the past philosophers all a bunch of weaklings?

I don’t trust a philosopher who doesn’t deadlift or squat. Which makes me wonder —

Were all the past philosophers nerdy weaklings who were bullied their whole lives, and wanted somehow to seek revenge on others and reality, by shrouding themselves with metaphysical notions of “virtue”? To feel some sort of hyper-human superiority over the masses?

Perhaps this is why many philosophers and historians were so fascinated by Hercules and the other demigods with superhuman strength. Or even with the austere and powerful Spartans. It seems that much of the Roman aristocracy were fat and plump. Let us contrast that with the “lean and mean” Spartans.

Cars make us superhuman

Consider the power of the automobile. Without it, we can just walk (or run) moderate distances. With a car, I can 1000x my power in terms of going further in less time. Same goes with airplanes — I now 10000x my ability to traverse huge distances, just like how Superman might fly from point A to point B.

Perhaps our desire is to augment our our physical abilities, using technology as our augmentation tool.

Internet as metaphysical

Nowadays the internet is all around us. It isn’t physical, it is metaphysical. I can touch and hold a cup of coffee, but can I hold a piece of the Internet? No!

A more interesting use of the internet

But what if I could use the internet to augment my physical powers. Is this possible?

Well, technically the power of the internet can augment my voice. When I make a YouTube recording, video, audio, or podcast recording, and I share it, my voice becomes “infinitely scalable”. In theory 7 billion people can be concurrently watching me speak, and hear my voice (all at the same time) whereas if I was talking in an auditorium, my potential audience would be limited.

Perhaps this is where the power of the internet is great for us photographers. A printed photograph is a physical object, yet there can be only so many people looking at it at once. With photos on the internet (or digital photos), photos become metaphysical and can become infinitely scaleable and shareable.

More faith in physics than metaphysics

300 spartan king Leonidas

My simple proposal:

Let us put more focus, faith, and respect-priority for our body, legs, stomach, muscles, body composition, and physiology than lofty metaphysical things like “virtue”, “goodness”, and “mind/soul”.

Why physics over metaphysics?

The matrix

Why? The physical world is real. Our human body and our human physiology is real. There is more fact, objectivity, and rationality in our (personal) body than all the metaphysics in the world.

Also, metaphysics is too subjective. Who is to say what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’? A sheep will see an eagle is ‘bad’ because the eagle wants to eat it. The eagle is indifferent — it is just hungry to eat the tasty lamb.

Also, if we focus too much on metaphysics, we lose touch with our ’embodied reality’ — this world! We start to despise reality, and desire for ANOTHER reality, or ANOTHER world. Perhaps this is why some of us seek ‘enlightenment’, or we seek the “life after”, or we seek these weird mystical notions of ‘transcendence’. We want to transcend this physical world — but why? Isn’t physical reality the best reality?

Towards gaining more joy from reality

Cindy composition project

It seems those who are overly obsessed with metaphysics actually don’t like embodied reality. They don’t like the real world — they would prefer another world. This is why many people escape to “virtual reality”, play video games, social media, movies, Netflix, tv shows, YouTube, etc. They don’t like their real world, and they don’t like their own reality, thus they seek ANOTHER reality.

How to attain more joy from reality


But how we can achieve more joy from reality? Some thoughts:

  1. Affirm the idea that an afterlife doesn’t exist. That once you die, you’re dead forever. That when you die, you no longer feel pain. That generally death itself isn’t to be feared, but the pain associated with death, or the pain preceding death.
  2. Focusing on the physical over the metaphysical: More joy in “pleasures of the flesh”— but not in a basic way. Delight in human bodies, human form, sensuality, sex. Less pleasure in “fake sex”— less interest in pornography.
  3. Spending more time outdoors, in public, talking with people. Less time watching tv shows or movies with fake actors talking about fake human dramas, etc.
  4. More faith in individuality, becoming a hero (you are the hero), and more faith in solo entrepreneurship. The firm belief in yourself, your lofty life goals, and your personal ability.
  5. The desire to play, “fuck around”, and approach life from the eyes of a child. Not to take life too seriously— to have fun with it!

More turbo thoughts to come!



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