Active Leisure

Many us of us desire to retire. But once we retire — then what? My idea: use your retirement in a very active way, to actually become MORE creatively productive and prolific, and to pursue artistic and philosophical aims that don’t depend on utility or money-making!

Allow yourself to make art, to experiment, and to share.

Use your retirement to spend more time at the gym, chatting with strangers, going for new PR (personal records) in powerlifting, walk much, and think much.

Read the classics

Boy lying in bed of flowers in movie, Seven Samurai.
Boy lying in bed of flowers in movie, Seven Samurai by Kurosawa

Also in your retirement, read the classics. Illiad and Odyssey by Homer. Tragedy by Aeschylus (Prometheus). Watch the classic films (7 Samurai, Matrix, Akira, 2001 space odyssey). Pursue artistic aims that you need buffer space and slack order to do so.

Start blogging

In your retirement, start your own website and blog. Start to blog and publish your photos, thoughts, or anything in-between. You will gain more satisfaction from ACTIVE publishing and sharing of your art and philosophy, instead of just being a passive consumer.

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