Video: Josef Koudelka Photography Composition Studies


  1. Multiple subjects
  2. Layers
  3. Getting close
  4. Stark monochrome
  5. Unique panoramic vision
  6. Simplicity of images and compositions
  7. Low angle + wide-angle (to exaggerate height and grandeur of subjects)
  8. Extreme abstraction
  9. Some photos which are out-of-focus are very effective.
  10. Spacing between subjects
  11. Arabesque (curve) composition
  12. Purity of artistic vision


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Why Koudelka?

Josef Koudelka as one of the greats.

Personally I love him because:

  1. His longevity (shooting well into his 80’s, whereas Henri Cartier-Bresson gave up after around 30 years of photographing).
  2. Koudelka’s extreme passion, focus, and refusal to compromise his life or photography. The ultimate artist.
  3. Koudelka’s personal evolution. From 25mm [Gypsies] to 35mm to 50mm [Exiles], to shooting panoramic landscapes [Chaos]. Even now, shooting digital medium format panoramic landscapes (Koudelka not being romantic about film vs digital).

Josef Koudelka photos:

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