Even if you spend your whole life, and thousands of dollars just for one great photo, it is justified.

Contact sheet
Contact sheet, iPhone Pro

Creative and innovative compositions

Selfie iPhone pro
Selfie iPhone pro

I shot this photo with selfie mode on iPhone Pro. To me, this shot alone justifies the cost of the phone/camera.

Strive to make great art works

Our mission as photographers:

Aim to make as many great photos in our life as possible.

And once we get a great shot, let us enjoy this “infinite game”, or “eternal return to the creative everyday”.

How to spend your money

Vegas, 2019 #cindyproject
Vegas, 2019 #cindyproject

Money is best spent on travel, experiences, and anything which can enable you to make more art.

In praise of Apple Products

Just buy all Apple stuff.

Technology is the great lever for art.

In praise of iPad

Adding red filter effect in Procreate with multiply layer
Adding red filter effect in Procreate with multiply layer

For example iPad: Procreate on it is phenomenal. Worth every penny.

Procreate on IPad

What is money best for?

Our lives are limited, but money is unlimited. It only seems to use our money to empower our artistry:

  1. Buying artistic tools and equipment
  2. Buying travel experiences
  3. Buying books, education, workshops to further our knowledge

Art is the goal!

Art creation is the ultimate goal!


ERIC KIM workshops red hand

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