iPhone Pro: One Device to Rule them All?

Okay at this point this is ridiculous — the iPhone Pro is truly “insanely good”. It is the one device to rule them all. Let me share:

iPhone pro, flash, noir, high contrast added

First of all, it’s truly “good enough”for photography. In fact, it’s great for photography. I love the flash, and shooting with the noir filter.

Also just in general all conditions, the dynamic range, texture quality, image quality, tone rendition — all excellent and phenomenal:

  • Arms


iPhone Pro has simplified and streamlined my photographic process by 100x:

  1. Shoot in Noir mode
  2. Look through Camera Roll
  3. Favorite photos I like
  4. Add additional contrast and processing
  5. Upload to this blog or Dropbox

Opening up new photo opportunities

The great thing with iPhone Pro— it has really opened up so many new photo opportunities for me. For example, at the gym. Or at home.

My sexy legs

Or my morning coffee routine— hand grinding coffee (Porlex stainless steel, with Clever coffee dripper, with some Coava coffee beans from Portland — the best beans in the world) (thanks Jun!)

Writing and blogging

I can type pretty fast on a phone — of course I’m faster on my laptop (I can type ~150 WPM), but the phone is good enough in most situations. The auto correct in default iPhone is great, and the new swype feature does come in handy. Even this blog post, I’m typing it directly into the WordPress New Post Editor from iPhone Pro:

How to have technology zen

Pro tip: disable all your notifications, even phone calls (unless they’re part of your favorites — like your family).

Turn this all off
Everything off. Turn off Siri suggestions too

Fun experimentations and creativity galore!

Slow motion video of water boiling, processed with “noir”preset afterwards

I’ve been really enjoying shooting short video clips then processing them into noir. I really am quite excited for shooting more video!

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