iPhone Pro is the Future of Photography

iPhone Pro — probably the most exciting news in photography since the Leica M9.

Democratic photography

Priced at around $999, the iPhone Pro is the future of photography. Why? Anybody can afford it (assuming monthly payments), and it is still far more affordable than most mainstream “high end”digital cameras. Also, the iPhone is a “full stack”solution for photographers: shoot, select your photos, process your photos, and share/publish your photos.

In praise of wide angle

I am very happy that Apple is going wider — wide angle lenses are better for creativity in photography.

Also good news: the new iPhone will have wide angle abilities as well.

iPhone 11 with ultra wide

Meritocracy in photography

Let us assume everyone has an iPhone Pro (same equipment). Then the ability for you to make great photos and distinguishing yourself for your artistic innovation and style is more dependent on your merit, not how rich you are.

The iPhone Pro will become the great leveler in the landscape of artistic photography.

The future of photography is very bright!

The future of photo is very bright. More and more people will enter the photographic landscape, which will benefit everyone.

Let us welcome this brave new world of photography!