ERIC KIM Ricoh GR III (3) Review: It’s LIT!

The RICOH GR III is a great camera, and a worthy sequel to the RICOH GRII.

Download ZIP of Ricoh GR III PHOTOS:

Thoughts off the dome

  1. Smaller than RICOH GRII, which is great. More pocketable, lighter. When in doubt, optimize for ultralight.
  2. Super super fast and responsive. The buffering speed is 1000x better than the Ricoh GR II — this alone is worth the upgrade. If you own a Ricoh GR II, I recommend upgrading to the Ricoh GR III.
  3. High contrast JPEG monochrome mode is super beautiful. The aesthetics that come out of camera from GR 3 are phenomenal. No longer need to shoot in RAW; all JPEG on the GR 3 is legit.
  4. A bit sad that there is no longer integrated flash, but I will make do without.
  5. The video is very good! I plan on recording more high contrast monochrome videos, and perhaps will do some sort of series with it.
  6. USB-C charging is super useful. I can charge the GR3 with the same cable for my MacBook Pro. USB-C is the future!

Ricoh GR III 1080p video

Testing in 24fps, 30fps, and 60fps:

Should I buy the Ricoh GR 3?

Yes. If you own a GR2, I recommend buying the GR3 as well.

If you have never owned a Ricoh GR, I encourage you to start off with the GR2 (so fun shooting with flash).

RICOH GR III as the (current) king of best ‘standalone’ digital camera.

The GR 3 is the new king in the ‘standalone digital photography’ camera world.

Currently the Ricoh GR III is around $899 on Amazon, and also $899 on BHPHOTO video (often BHPHOTO is better than Amazon, because no sales tax).

To be honest, I wouldn’t even think about it. Just buy it. I’ve been so unimpressed with all the other digital cameras which have come out recently; the RICOH GR III is the best thing happening right now. I know I can personally say that even the very brief time I’ve had to shoot with it, I already feel like I am having so much fun again in photography!

#RICOHMAFIA for life!



Optimized creative tools for RICOH GR II & III — from HAPTIC INDUSTRIES: