Always Optimize for Ultralight

When in doubt, go light.

Why lighter is better

Having ultralight shoes: walk further, longer, with less fatigue. Even a few extra ounces on your feet (compounded over thousands of steps) will probably equal tons of additional weight.

Ultralight photography

The best standalone digital camera as RICOH GR, in terms of weight to power ratio. Smallest possible size, with the best possible image quality and aesthetics.

RICOH GR III as innovating by making the body smaller and lighter than the GR II, while increasing the image quality. What if we could do something similar physically — lower our body fat percentage and weight, yet increase our muscular strength and mass?

Lighter phones

Ultralight weight phones: text longer with no fatigue in thumbs. Larger and heavier phones are more difficult to use, and cause more thumb pain from texting.

When purchasing phones, always opt for the lighter phone!

Ultralight weight cars

A 2300 pound Mazda Miata compared to a 3400 pound Porsche 911.

The Mazda as more nimble and probably thus more fun to drive, although the Porsche has more horsepower.

No heavyweight sports cars here.

Race cars as obsessive about shedding superfluous weight from cars (carbon fiber innovations).

Mercury has light feet

To run faster and become stronger, ruthlessly prune anything which weighs or slows you down.

The fewer burdens, the better. This includes both physical burdens as well as mental burdens.

Shedding is easier than gaining

To look more muscular and aesthetically beautiful, more effective to lose body fat than to gain muscle. A person with tons of muscle (but tons of body fat) doesn’t look as attractive as someone with moderate muscle, yet very low body fat.

Lighter is better!