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Artistic Productivity

The only noble type of productivity is artistic productivity.

Beyond utilitarian thinking

The problem in modern thinking is this:

We only are productive to produce more things, in order to produce more money.

Since the times of Benjamin Franklin, the philosophy has been:

Your duty on earth is to accumulate as much money and capital and possible in order to pass it onto your children. And it is a vice to spend your money. To accumulate and hoard more wealth is the virtuous task and goal.

However to me, I consider this line of thinking quite repulsive. To me, true productivity is artistic productivity. To create as many great art works while you’re still alive seems to be a more robust goal.

Produce more art works

Whatever you consider your artwork, produce more of that!

To produce much artistic fruit is the goal!

My art productivity tips

  1. Watch cinema and films which inspire you and your composition. Kill Bill 1 and 2 are both excellent, as well as John Wick 1 and 2.
  2. Go to the gym and do deadlifts, and if possible, use the sauna. This gets my creative muscles and juices flowing!
  3. Sleep a lot. Sleep and wake up without an alarm clock. Our biological body thrives on sleep, and sleep is ESSENTIAL to recuperation in order to become stronger.
  4. Creating artwork takes much muscle, strength, and physical energy. If you want to become a more productive artist, strengthen your physical muscles.
  5. Don’t force yourself to create. Only create when you want to, in a spirit of play and fun!
  6. For more energy, don’t consume sugar, starch, and carbohydrates. Only meat, eggs, fish, and bitter herbs.
  7. Create more artwork with your phone, laptop, or tablet. I love using Procreate on iPad to make traces or illustrations, use GarageBand on MacBook laptop to make beats, or use phone to make photos.
  8. For inspiration or motivation, watch rap music videos on YouTube. I like the new “Stormzy Vossi Bop” music video, and most anything by Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Kanye, or Tyga.
  9. Drink more black coffee, 100% cocoa (no sugar), and water.
  10. Walk more for more creative thoughts!
  11. Listen to music which pumps you up. I personally get inspired a ton from freestyle rap videos on YouTube.
  12. Create any form of art— no genres, definitions, or borders!

Make on!