Beyond Perfection

Once you have perfect, then what?

The perfect camera

For example, in the past I was always seeking the perfect camera, and I found it (RICOH GR II). Then what? I guess shoot photos.

The perfect lifestyle

I’ve always sought the perfect lifestyle, and I think I’ve found it in living nomadically, minimalism l/simplicity, and creative productivity. Now what? I guess just focus on making more artwork.

The perfect partner

I’ve discovered the perfect partner for myself (Cindy). Now what? I guess focus on empowering her, while also building us up as a team.

The perfect clothes

I have the perfect clothes (all black everything Merino wool). Now what? I guess getting less distracted by clothing, and focusing on living, creating, thinking, and making.

Perfection isn’t the goal

I don’t think perfection is the goal — the goal is just creative productivity.

I still believe searching for more— striving to improve things (gradual kaizen approach) is desirable.

So even though I feel I’ve discovered a small degree of perfection, I still want more. And perhaps that is the goal — to always strive for more.

For example in powerlifting (deadlift) and physical strength, always strive to become stronger.

With your artistic innovation— never stop innovating and inventing new photographic approaches, techniques, compositions, and aesthetic styles.

Even with cameras — I’m happy to know I have the “perfect” camera, but I still desire for something better (future of phone cameras and digital medium format).

Never stop desiring for more! This is the secret of life.


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