To be happier as a photographer, be a more productive photographer, by shooting more photos. Finding the ideal camera and strap for you will help:


I’ve pretty much shot with all the cameras out there, and I still think the RICOH GR II is the best camera. Small, fits in your front pocket, and practically invisible when you’re shooting on the streets.

If you use ERIC KIM NECK STRAP on your RICOH GR II, you practically don’t feel the weight. You forget you even have it around your neck! This means, you will carry your camera with you everywhere you go, and you’re more likely to shoot photos. And the more photos you shoot, the more likely you are to get some photos you really like!

If you prefer a more minimalist strap for your RICOH GR II, get an ERIC KIM WRIST STRAP. I generally find it is more convenient to have a neck strap, but this is what I noticed with a wrist strap:

When you carry your camera with a wrist strap, you are more likely to shoot photos. 

Perhaps this is because you feel the weight of the camera in your hand? 


The classic OG Henri Neck Strap was designed from the beginning to be the most beautiful, functional, and fashionable camera strap for street photographers. The HENRI line was born from dissatisfaction. The dissatisfaction that all the other camera straps I’ve used in the past for street photography weren’t good enough, or just didn’t look cool.

Henri Wrist Straps (Available in Crema Brown and PHANTOM BLACK)

At HAPTIC, we are addicted to innovation. We have constantly been iterating the HENRI Straps based on your feedback, and we have an extensive lineup to fit your personal lifestyle, camera, and your own personal style.

Cindy with LUMIX LX100 and Henri Wrist Strap

For example the classic OG Henri Wrist Strap: ideal for smaller cameras. Strong, robust, yet minimal. 


HENRI SHOULDER STRAP: Available in Phantom Black and Crema Brown

If you prefer to wear your camera cross-body, pick up a HENRI SHOULDER STRAP, either in the bold PHANTOM BLACK, or the elegant CREMA BROWN. This strap is also ideal for you if you are bigger or taller.


HENRI WRIST STRAP: PRO EDITION is probably one of our most innovative straps. The ultimate hybrid between neck strap and wrist strap. 

We took the soft neck pad from the Henri Neck Strap, and fused it to the Henri Wrist Strap. Thus, the ultimate synthesis between the Neck Strap and the Wrist Strap– ideal if your camera is slightly bigger or heavier.

Lumix G9 x Henri Wrist Strap Pro (Crema Brown)

For example, I currently have the Henri Wrist Strap Pro on my Lumix G9 (which is heavier, with the larger Leica 12mm f/1.4 lens).

If you have a larger Fujifilm XT-series, a Sony A7-series, or a Leica with a heavier Summilux lens, the HENRI WRIST STRAP PRO is ideal for you. It comes in two flavors:


Bil Brown with Leica M6 x Henri Neck Strap (Crema Brown)

A strap won’t make you a better photographer. But having the ideal strap will help you carry your camera with you everywhere you go, and to be honest– just always having your camera with you is 90% of the battle. Even a step further– having your camera always on you like a bracelet or a necklace is the ultimate form to always be prepared BEFORE the decisive moment happens!

Ultimately, the most important thing for us photographers is to never stop shooting. So when in doubt, remember our motto:



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