3 Truths I’ve Discovered in Street Photography

A shortcut to accelerate your street photography learning:

1. Street Photography is the most difficult genre of photography

walking woman street photography

Street photography is hard. Very hard. I argue it’s the most difficult genre of photography.

99% of street photography is courage. The courage to take photos of strangers. The courage to put yourself at personal risk to make these photos.

A lot of us street photographers also deal with ethical and moral issues. We feel uncomfortable photographing others because we don’t like to be photographed. Thus, we must conquer ourselves and our own personal code of ethics, in order to become a courageous street photographer.

2. Street photography is about capturing souls

My friend Thomas Leuthard said it right, when he made a street photography book on “Capturing Souls”.

Street photography is about capturing souls. Capturing the souls of other humans. Capturing your own soul in your pictures, reflected through your subjects.

walking feet shadow

You don’t need to photograph people. But you must capture the soul of people; through their footsteps, shadows, or creations.

Shadow street photography

If you can make photos that help you better connect to the souls of other humans, the more connected you will feel with the rest of humanity.

3. Never stop challenging yourself

When street photography gets boring for you, it’s because you’re not challenging yourself enough. We know video games are boring when they’re too easy. Thus, push your barometer a bit; strive to make more challenging photos.

Get closer to your subjects, take more challenging Legendary. Approach more people who look “really scary” to you.

Put your soul on the line, and shoot with all of your heart.

If your blood is visible in your photos, your photos are authentic.


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