In Praise of iPad for Photographers

I’ve been using an iPad since the original version II, and I can confidently state: the iPad is a fantastic investment for photographers.

Why I love iPad


Here are my candid thoughts:

  1. It is insane that you can buy a brand-new iPad (classic 9.7 inch), for only $329 USD!!! Even as a productivity tool, the iPad is epic. This iPad includes the ‘retina screen’ as well.
  2. I like looking at my photos on Dropbox on the iPad, in full-screen. I appreciate my photos so much more when looking at my photos on my iPad Pro (10.5 inch). The photos look so rich, detailed, and colorful. For myself personally, it sparks great joy in my heart looking at my photos on the iPad full-screen!
  3. Speed: Looking at photos on the iPad is insanely fast– there’s still an annoying lag on Lightroom on the laptop (even with a maxed-out MacBook Pro). Anything with less lag is good, especially when looking at photos!
  4. I really like the new screenshot tool, and having the ability to sketch on top of my images. I do this when sketching compositions on my own photos, and also on the photos of others!
  5. I don’t like to sit. When I stand, I can look at my photos on iPad, and also read ebooks, etc. Standing seems to help me be more creative– when I am standing (or walking), I get the best ideas! Therefore the iPad is great, because it is a computer that allows you to use it while standing!
  6. The iPad is great because it forces me to single-task. When using a laptop or another device, I got too many windows and apps open. The iPad helps me focus on one thing at a time.
  7. The new version of iOs allows screen recording on the iPad (this also works with iPhone). This has been an absolute game-changer– now I can easily record my screen in terms of what I’m doing on the iPad, to use this as a great learning tool!

Long story short, if you don’t have an iPad, I encourage you to get one. Either get the cheaper iPad 9.7 classic version, or if you plan on being a ‘power user’, definitely get the iPad Pro 10.5 inch (don’t get the super-big one, it is too heavy).

Why I love iPad:

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