Why Using an iPad Has Helped Me Be More Productive

Let’s be real, we all own an iPad, but we don’t really use it for anything useful.


We all bought an iPad on the hype, how it is all collecting dust at home somewhere. We prefer to use our iPhone or iPhone plus.

I’ve been using an iPad as my primary computing device for the last month, and it has been awesome. I’ll share my experiences.

1. Innovation


I’ve been more innovative and creative with the iPad, because of the limitations.

For example, I can’t use Photoshop on my laptop. So I looked for an alternative. I found ProCreate and fucked around with it.

It has transformed me. I started to sketch and trace design and photos I loved. Lamborghini and Ferrari cars, Patek watches, famous Picasso and Basquiat pieces, Matisse, and famous photos and even my own photos.

I think the Apple Pencil is dumb. The human finger is much better.

Steve Jobs precisely made the iPad to be used WITHOUT a keyboard or stylus. Unfortunately, Tim Cook is more of an executive, rather than an uncompromising (and very stubborn) artist like Steve Jobs. Other products Steve would have hated include the bigger iPhone size, the iPhone plus, the iPad mini, and the big iPad.


Anyways, using my finger has made me feel like a kid again.


Another thing: I take photos on the iPad, and then I use ProCreate to sketch on top of the image. I have been able to self-teach myself design, Fibonacci spirals in nature, etc.

2. One thing at a time


You can multi task on iPad, but it’s better to do one thing at a time.

On a laptop, I have a billion windows and tabs open. I have a hard time focusing.

With iPad, only one thing open at a time. I’m more FOCUSED and I get more shit done.

I write so much more now on iPad, using ULYSSES or IA WRITER. Full screen, with no other bullshit distracting me.

3. Standing


I like to type and use the iPad while standing. It’s better for my back, I have no more lower back pain I used to have with sitting with my laptop.

I stand while sketching images. I stand when reading articles or books on my iPad. It is great. I walk more.

We all know sitting is bad. iPad forces you to stand more.

By standing more, I feel more active, focused and healthy.

4. Hacking

I have to hack these random work arounds using iPad.

For example, I have had a hard time uploading stuff directly to my WordPress server with iPad, so instead, I’ve been uploading to Dropbox, and sharing public links. This has helped me innovate by creating more PDF documents from my blog posts.

I’ve also been using the beta iOS and it is truly the future of personal computing. I really don’t know why an average person needs a desktop or laptop anymore.

5. No more carpal tunnel

I write a lot, and got carpal tunnel in my right thumb. Fucking painful.

I started to type on iPad, because it requires no pressure to hit the keys. I just find a high surface, and lay the iPad flat (I don’t use the cover). I don’t use the external keyboard. I type directly on the screen. And while I don’t type as fast on a laptop, I don’t feel pain.

So if you’re suffering from carpal tunnel, try using iPad. Or use a KINESIS ergonomic keyboard, what I bought for Cindy and has helped reduce her carpal tunnel (academic hazard) and she also types faster now.

6. Fewer excuses

I’m using an old iPad Air, and it is very small and light and thin. I carry it with me everywhere I go. Therefore, I don’t have the excuse of not always having it with me.

With heavy laptops, it is effortful to carry. Therefore, we are less likely to write, produce, or make shit.

Now, I’m always productive. Im always making things…by writing, sketching, or even blogging or uploading.

Thank you Steve for your vision with iPad. It’s a fucking game changer for me.


I still use a MacBook for Adobe Lightroom. It’s still the best workload for me importing images on SD card, and applying my free ERIC KIM PRESETS to my raw RICOH GR II files. I still don’t find Lightroom and the iPad ecosystem good enough for pressing photos (yet). Or perhaps someone needs to show or teach me.

But other than that, I really want to kill the laptop. Just use iPad.


If you have an iPad, dust it off, and just fuck around with it. Have fun, read ebooks (download books on Project Gutenberg as .epub files), pay for the ProCreate app and make drawings. Use IA writer and Focus mode to write or blog.

Make shit, you got this.