New Free PDF Street Photography EBook: ONLY IN AMERICA by ERIC KIM

ONLY IN AMERICA: My culmination of my visual street sociology from 2011-2016:


Download this free open-source photography PDF book below:


Only in america eric kim cover

ONLY IN AMERICA is my personal vision and experience of America. It is a perspective that is slightly dark, pessimistic; yet full of hope and optimism for the future.

I try to tackle different themes/issues in America through these photos, which include:

  • Class
  • Race
  • Social-economic inequality
  • “The American Dream”
  • The Wealth Divide in America

I was greatly inspired by Robert Frank’s book, ‘The Americans’, and wanted to give it my own spin– to show my vision of America, coming from the perspective of an Asian-American, who was born in America (I was born in SF-Bay Area, while my parents came from Seoul/Busan in South Korea // read more in my American immigrant story).


You can also download ALL JPEG photos (in this 241MB ZIP FILE) >