5 Surreal and Dynamic Lee Friedlander Composition Lessons

Epic composition lessons from Lee Friedlander:

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1. High angle, looking downwards

Shoot from a high angle, looking downwards. Note the nice detail of the woman’s face in the top-right, the surrealism of the man’s head under the chair:

2. Bookend composition

Bookend composition: Man in the far left (with nice bowtie), and woman in the far-right, with subjects in the center. Nice shot with flash:

3. Filling the frame, dynamic movement, spacing, and different directions

Filling the frame, man on the far left going to the right, woman in the left walking forward, ladies on the far right facing forward, and the ‘cherry on top‘ is the face in the background, going to the bottom-left:

4. Man in foreground with horns

5. Stuck in a cage

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