Hustle Hustle Hustle

Hustle hustle hustle
Keep shaking your creative tree; make the leaves rustle

Hustle hustle hustle
Do meaningful work, not mindless toil and bustle

Hustle hustle hustle
Believe in yourself and your talent
Chin up, chest out, brave and gallant.

Hustle hustle hustle
What’s gonna be your magnum opus?
Make some epic magic, your own hocus pocus.

Hustle hustle hustle
Shoot for the moon and the stars
If you set big goals, you’ll go very far.

Shoot for the north star, ever bright and blue
Only make art which is truly you.

Hustle hustle hustle
What are you made of?
You’re stronger than you think,
Hustle hard while you’re still alive,
Wink and smile, life is short; half a blink.

Hustle hard,


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Ceiling clouds. New York Public Library. Pentax 645Z