How to Shoot Photo Zen

Kyoto, 2016

Walking on the streets of Kyoto, I feel photo zen.

What is photo zen?

To me, it is being fully aware. To be integrated with the environment around you. To feel a calm and elated sense of joy of the world around you, and the joy of being alive.

Photo zen is seeing beauty in small details. Getting close to photographing textures, curves, and finding beauty both in the organic and in-organic.

Photo zen is walking without headphones on. Letting your spontaneous, child-like instincts guide your shooting.

To achieve photo zen, this is what I do:

  1. No headphones on. Allows my mind to breathe and think. Also allows me to hear the sounds of my environment, which stimulate my creative mind in a good way.
  2. No phone, or if shooting with phone, have it in airplane mode. You don’t want any distractions when shooting.
  3. Smile. Smile at everyone you see, walk slowly, and make photos that spark joy in your heart.


Less is better:

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