What Studying Car Design Has Taught Me About Photography

I’ve always loved car designs, but was never sure why. Now, I think I know why.

Good car design is dynamic. Lots of curves, and sharp angles. They simulate the proportions of jaguars, tigers, and lions and other beasts of prey. Therefore, a sports car will make a man feel more masculine, strong, and aggressive.

In photography, we need more DYNAMISM in our composition. More curves, diagonals and movement. Blur.

Integrate Dutch angles by tilting your camera.

Integrate leading lines into your photos, and get the lines come from the edges of the frame. Shoot with a slower shutter speed to add more MOVEMENT into your photos.

Study Porsche, Fisker, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and (some) Mercedes and BMW to study great design. Study the curves and lines, and let the design inspire your photography.

Here are some screenshots of designs that have inspired me, which I keep stores in my iPad for inspiration. Also, I sketch on top of the designs with my finger on iPad ProCreate app to better understand:

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