All black is cool. not caring what you wear is even cooler.

Hard trap hip hop music is cool. Not needing to listen to music is cooler.

Living below your means is cool. Being rich enough to know that you prefer a simple lifestyle is cooler.

Not wearing labels is cool. Having someone ask you why you wear the same thing is cooler.

Not owning a car is cool. Owning a Lamborghini is cooler.

Not owning an expensive camera is cool. Not owning an expensive camera when you can afford it is cooler.

Owning a MacBook is cool. Using a laptop to actually create stuff is cooler.

Owning a small iPhone is cool. Not owning a smartphone is cooler.

Making more money than you spend is cool. Never needing to spend money to prove yourself is even cooler.

Having more than 100 racks in your savings is cool. Having 10 million in the bank is cooler.

Studying philosophy is cool. Practicing what you preach is cooler.

Making art is cool. Being a child is cooler.


What is cool and not cool to you?

Never let anybody else dictate what is cool and what isn’t cool.

Homework assignment: Write a list of what is cool (and cooler) to you.


So today, your homework assignment is to decide what is cool and what isn’t cool to you.

Write it and share it on social media — what is on your cool and what isn’t on your cool list.

Share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the tag: #STREETCLUB

Be strong,

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