“The City of Angels” x Street Notes

Cindy and I would love to announce that for a limited time, we are bundling  our two Haptic Press products:

With your purchase of The City of Angels, you receive a free copy of Street Notes.

Watch our making of video above (all shot with the Ricoh GR in Cindy’s family’s house in California) and read more about The City of Angels.

As we prepare for our move to Vietnam/France, we wanted to say goodbye to Los Angeles by honoring its beauty and commemorating our time in California.

Each art portfolio is unique, made of organic materials, and responsive to touch. The portfolio may be viewed as a tri-fold book or displayed on the wall from its button-string closure.

For a limited time, receive a free copy of Street Notes (retail 19.95USD) with an order of The City of Angels Art Portfolio.

Our Mission

THE CITY OF ANGELS is a photography triptych that honors the rough edges and honest beauty of Los Angeles, California. While walking in Downtown Los Angeles, Eric Kim met multi-faceted strangers and sought to create portraits imbued with emotion, soul, and mystery. He hopes that these images remind others of the beauty of fleeting encounters and the serendipity of life.

Eric Kim made these photographs from 2011 to 2016 in Downtown Los Angeles.

Haptic Experience

Close-up of the textured paper, which gives you a “haptic” experience

For us, we believe that art should be personal, accessible, and meaningful. Thus we came up with the idea of “The City of Angels” art portfolio–a beautifully hand crafted work of art that could be appreciated, touched, and shared.

Hand Printing and Laser Printing

Cover: hand-printed linoleum print with archival oil

For the cover, Cindy hand sketched Eric’s photograph of Los Angeles, carved it into a linoleum block, and hand printed it using archival oil-based ink. This resulted in a slightly raised, irregular, and unique texture on the cover of the portfolio.

We wanted to push the boundaires on what is considered ‘conventional’ wisdom for photo prints and art. In order to produce a ‘haptic’ and unique print, we used laser printing on textured paper because it would produce one-of-a-kind prints. For the monochromatic prints, laser printing adds to the irregular, rough, and individualized feel that we wanted to convey in the images.

Two Viewing Options: Tri-Fold Portfolio or Wall Display

The City of Angels Art Portfolio, ready to be hung without a need for a frame

We designed the art portfolio with the intention that it could be touched and viewed in different ways. The art portfolio will come packaged signed with its own box and signed colophon. “The City of Angels” may be viewed as a tri-fold or the button closure can be twisted into a loop to be hung for wall display.

A Labor of Love

Cindy A. Nguyen at work, putting her finishing touches to the linoleum block print, used to make the cover.

Cindy and I conceptualized the art portfolio over conversations with friends and family over many cups of coffee (and glasses of whiskey). We poured our hearts into this project, and in all honestly, little did we know that our final days in California would be spent frantically running around finding archival ink and perfecting each print. At the same time, we loved it. Cindy taught me how to ink and print the art portfolio covers and her mom and sister even dedicated a few evenings to help out. We are incredibly thankful for the support of all those around us as this project came into fruition.

Limited Edition

Limited edition prints: only 75 in stock

“The City of Angels” is made in a limited edition of only 75 signed and boxed art portfolios. We poured our hearts and a tremendous amount of labor into making these 75 art portfolios.


Cindy A. Nguyen carving the linoleum bock print, inspired by a photograph by Eric Kim in Downtown LA.

Cindy studies her Ph.D. in Vietnamese history at UC Berkeley and researches the history of book, libraries, and print making. From her research, she has studied the history and craft of woodblock printing. We are both deeply inspired by Japanese woodblock printing in particular, and the Japanese philosophy of “wabi-sabi”–the beauty in transience and imperfection.

Eric was also moved by his grandfather’s calligraphy that he made over his lifetime before he passed away. Calligraphy scrolls were one of the reasons why we created “The City of Angels” art portfolio to be hung on the wall or viewed as a tri-fold portfolio.


product-photo-city of angels
The final product

THIS ART PORTFOLIO is handmade by Cindy A. Nguyen of Haptic Press in August 2016. Embracing the meaning of ‘haptic’ and ‘wabi-sabi,’ each art portfolio is unique, made of organic materials, and responsive to touch. The portfolio may be viewed as a tri-fold book or displayed on the wall from its button-string closure.

The photography by Eric Kim is laser printed on 80 pound uncoated paper. The cover is a sketch of a color film photograph shot on Kodak Portra 400 in Downtown Los Angeles in 2013. The cover is hand-printed using linoleum block printing with archival oil-based ink on recycled paper. The button-string enclosure is handmade from plike paper and waxed thread.

This edition is limited to 75 signed copies, numbered from 1 to 75.

This project was a labor of love and a creative collaboration among Eric Kim, Cindy A. Nguyen, and patient friends and family.

Purchase “The City of Angels”

Side of the archival box, included with the print.

There are only a limited edition of 75 signed and boxed art portfolios. Each portfolio required a tremendous amount of time, labor, and thought to carefully make. Thus we decided to priced it at 149.95 USD in order to offset our labor and supplies. Each purchase will continue to support the creative collaborations of Haptic Industries and the Eric Kim Photography blog.

Making-of Product Photos

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  1. of or relating to the sense of touch, in particular relating to the perception and manipulation of objects using the senses of touch and proprioception.

Haptic Industries makes photography tools, educational materials, and art prints. Haptic Industries believes in making products in small, carefully curated and quality controlled batches. Many of our products are handmade or digitally made by Cindy and Eric in make-shift workshops during our world travels. We hope to also build a community of learners and creatives through Haptic Industries.

Haptic Press curates, edits, and publishes photography educational material and art books. Many of Haptic Press products are handmade or partially mechanical/handmade in small batches in California. The mission of Haptic Press is to bridge the divide between the digital and analog, art world and education.

For questions, contact Cindy at hapticindustries@gmail.com.

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More products by Haptic Industries

Below are all the products produced by Haptic Industries, to help empower your photography:

Haptic Press Street Notes Workbook & Assignments Journal

Street Notes is your personalized guide and journal for you to develop your photography skills and to re-inspire your creative process. Each photography assignment will help you to build your confidence, break out of your comfort zone, and explore your creative potential. This handbook is full of practical hands-on assignments that can help you get out of your “funk”–and to hit the streets with new enthusiasm. Connect with the community of photographers with the hashtag #streetnotes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Dimensions: 3.5 X 5.5 inches, 44 pages, made in small batches in California by Haptic Press.

Henri by Eric Kim Camera Strap

The "Henri" Strap
The “Henri” Strap

Henri by Eric Kim offers small batch handmade, leather neck straps and wrist straps for cameras. The Henri strap is functional, fashionable, and has character. Made from durable 100% leather, this coffee-colored strap will age beautifully as you take it on your photographic adventures. The Henri strap is light, comfortable, and ideal for smaller cameras (such as a Fujifilm, micro 4/3rds, film cameras, and rangefinders). These straps are all hand-made from our two good friends in Saigon, who are leather-makers, singers, and entrepreneurs. Cindy did all the final touches and packaging in California. We hope the “Henri” strap will be a friend that can accompany you in all of your life’s journeys– and we hope this is the last strap you will ever need for your camera.

Back by popular demand, the Henri Wrist Strap is available in a limited edition of 100:

Purchase “The City of Angels”

Close-up of the top of the art portfolio

For a limited time, receive a free copy of Street Notes (retail 19.95USD) with an order of The City of Angels Art Portfolio.

For questions, contact Cindy at hapticindustries@gmail.com

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