The Henri Wrist Strap

Back by popular demand, the Henri Wrist Strap in back in stock, in a limited edition of 100:

The new wrist strap is made from a darker, coffee color leather, same as the Henri Neck Strap. If you want a more minimalist strap and always have your camera in hand, pick one up before they all sell out.

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Photos of the Henri Wrist Strap

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Henri Neck Strap


If you prefer a neck strap, invest in an “Henri” neck strap to accompany you on your future street photography adventures:

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Henri by Eric Kim camera straps are handmade in Saigon by our two friends. They are prepared, packaged, and shipped from California.

The Henri strap is functional, fashionable, and has character. Made from durable 100% leather, this coffee-colored strap will age beautifully as you take it on your photographic adventures.

Thank you so much for your support. Cindy and I pour our hearts into making this product. Each purchase will help to support open source information and keeping things free and open on the blog.