Introduction to Composition for Street Photography Presentation (Gulf Photo Plus 2014)

Above is the presentation I used as an introduction to composition in street photography. Feel free to use, edit, and distribute the presentation on Slideshare here.

Learn more about composition in street photography via the lessons below:

For further learning on composition, I highly recommend checking out Adam Marelli (who taught me everything I know). You can also learn more about design and composition from him on Youtube here.

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  • banan

    always generous and inspiring .. komawa

  • joe

    Eric you are so cool

  • Justin

    Thanks for this. Photoshopping parts of the image out is oddly helpful in showing how the masters make a composition coherent and complete.

    • Paul Donohoe

      I agree..freaked me a little the kid vanishing though haha

  • Dgoldsteinphotography

    Excellent document, just great!!!

  • Paul Donohoe

    excellent!!! easy to understand, well made, so good Eric!

  • Karsten Seiferlin

    Superb. Really great. Thank you so much.
    BTW: Can you make this available in a more accessible format, e.g. PDF or a kindle or epub ebook? I’d be willing to pay quite some rolls of film for it.

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  • Nikhil M

    Thank you for sharing this most wonderful information. Never seen something presented so logically and easy to understand ! Would love to attend your workshop if you do happen to come to India !