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Dubai 2014 Round-up Videos

Hey streettogs, I just got back from an epic 5-week trip in Stockholm, London, and Dubai– and now finally have some time to decompress and recover from my travels. Below is a round-up of some of the videos I shot in Dubai, lots more stuff to come! :)

1. How to Load a Hasselblad in Dubai with Imraan

Over a nice local meal in Dubai, my buddy Imraan and I have fun with my Hasselblad– and show a brief tour of how to use it:

2. Tour of Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai and Interview

Ever curious what Gulf Photo Plus is? Mohamed Somji (one of the head folks at GPP) gives us a tour of their office in Dubai– and I also interview his background in documentary photography as well!

3. Dubai International Street Photography Exhibition

Behind-the-scenes look for the opening for the Dubai International Street Photography Exhibition I helped curate:

You can also check out more of my new videos on my YouTube channel.