Staying insanely local?

In terms of how to conquer living in LA something that I have gleaned;

first and foremost, it seems wise to live a life or a lifestyle in which one is not stuck in traffic, any traffic.

for example, one of the great tragedies of life and modern day life is any period of time being stuck in a car, against your own wheel. Essentially what this means is that when you’re stuck in the car there is so much you cannot be doing, so much you cannot do.

Purely from an economic perspective, up productivity perspective, this is a huge waste of time. Even one of the grand visions behind Elon Musk and his boring companies; how to not be stuck in traffic?

My vision

So I have a few visions. One is in regards to being able to stay fit and work out and whatever without having stuck in traffic there are some way that have figured this out. First, sandbag training. The general idea is that despite a big ass sandbag, Online or on the Internet, you could just get on roadfitness.com or you can get it on Amazon, and just go to local playground, fill it up with sand, work out, pick it up throw it around etc., just have fun with it, And when you’re done, just dump out the sand, put the empty sandbag back in your car and just drive home, or even walk home!

One of my favorite parks is without traffic just a five minute drive away! I love it, but the critical downside is that because of LA traffic, literally this 1 mile stretch takes me almost 20 minutes stuck in traffic! All bumper-to-bumper local traffic.

Home gym?

Another thought I have is about having some sort of home gym, mobile gym, backyard gym, etc.

The first interesting thought is that gym, gymnasium actually means “gymnos”, which literally means naked in ancient Greek. Why?

First, things in Greeks would hang out in big open air plazas — the gym wasn’t simply a place where one “worked out”, it was also a place in which one philosophies, talk to other men, etc.

Also, I think the original purpose of the gym, Gnos was training, training for battle. The purpose was to fight, for war, to defend ourselves in the possible case of war.

Other ideas

What is better, to move 1000 pounds an inch, or to move 1 pound 1,000 inches?

Certainly the prior!

Power, strength, courage?

Some other thoughts;

  1. Becoming a warrior? Fit for battle?
  2. Aesthetics? How your body looks and feels to yourself?