Big problems at TESLA —

  1. The employees, sales people are poor. They don’t seem to be that huge fans of TESLA, the product, the concept,,, or even Elon Musk. Many employees seem bitter, disenfranchised etc.

For example, a Tesla rep I met at the Westfield Tesla Century City mall— he told me he just bought a new Tesla Model 3 (the old version)—told me that he was low-key upset that unbeknownst to him,,, just a few months *AFTER* he bought his own new Tesla Model 3 … the new new totally redesigned version came out!

Make it insanely kid friendly

Something these loser Tesla reps don’t understand —

If your kid loves the car, you will buy it.

Insanely annoying — Seneca (age 3) just playing in the new Tesla Model 3 and Y,,, and from two separate reps we are told:

  1. Model Y— Seneca kept clicking the trunk unlocking latch and the rep told me (the father) to *NOT* have Seneca do that. But why? It ain’t finna break! If your kid clicks it 100, 1,000 or even 10,000x… if it breaks, that is a sign that it is an inferior product that ain’t even “kid tested”?