Photography motivation

I may be the most motivated photographer out there. Why? Some thoughts:

 First, it seems that the most critical thing to consider is shooting like a child. A child has no boundaries, no limits, no notions of “right” and wrong. In fact, what is the biggest detriment to photographers? The moment they learn about social media, comments and views, favorites and likes, etc.

Even when I recall in the early days, my extreme confusion; how do I become “successful“ as a photographer, and also, what is the significance of it? 

How does one become a more motivated photographer, and why does it even matter in the first place?

My personal thought is that photography motivation is deep seeded in the notion of curiosity. Curiosity of the world, curiosity in yourself, curiosity and others, curiosity about society and also, a passion for the visual, visual arts. 

Why does this matter?

I think 99.9% of the angst of being a modern day photographer is that we have such a difficult time being motivated.

How and why is this? Some theories:

First, modern day work slavery. If you got to go to an office for a living, be indoors with some sort of artificial lighting, not in the direct elements not the direct sun, if you’re stuck on the grid, this is not conducive to your photography. 


Also some other big issues at play is that the whole photography industrial complex don’t want you to be happy and motivated with your camera, your lenses, your equipment or your gear.

let us consider, 99.9% of websites and blogs on the interest is typically around cameras, camera reviews, etc. 

As a consequence, we always lust for that other camera, which doesn’t really lead anywhere productive. 

So what do we have to do instead? 

Some simple ideas:

  1. The 30,000 step a day challenge. Just think to yourself, if you walk 30,000 steps a day, and you always have your camera with you, certainly, you’re going to see some photo opportunities here and there. The best camera is either a Ricoh GR 3 or 3X,  the 3X is better.
  2.  Small JPay: I recommend shooting high contrast black-and-white, add additional green and contrast, and just shoot in small JPEG or even extra small JPEG. Use Apple photos to sync everything, keep it simple. I no longer use Adobe Lightroom because it is too slow, fragmented, and at full photos is at least 100 times faster and simpler.
  3. Delete your Instagram: the greatest detriment to modern day Fatar for is Instagram. Instagram is bad for photography, deleted and just post your own photos to your own website and blog instead.