In Praise Of Society

What do we really want and desire? 

Most people are lonely?

Interesting thing about video games, media, the have to deal with other human beings, other fictional beings. For example, people who watch TV shows movies etc.… It is impossible for this all to happen and exist without some sort of human drama, human actors, human agency etc. As a consequence, things in life which we are exposed in around other human beings, this is what we feel the greatest joy?

For example, spending time working out at my own personal home gym, versus being in a physical real life gym. I think honestly half the fund of working out at a gym is being around other people! Other people motivate us, give us more energy and power, stronger motivation.

Also, I think one of the greatest upsides of having a child is you have a strong motivation to live for. I think life for at least one child is meaningless, base, a void.  This is why I think people throw themselves into drugs, sex, travel, consumers in shopping, cheap thrills etc. It is that they have nothing greater to live for.

Perhaps this is why people are the most miserable on Sundays, typically when it is the most quiet, people are at home by themselves. Especially for people who don’t go to church anymore or go to church at all.


Some basic ideas:

First, I remember my great joy of living in Saigon Vietnam, in which Cindy and I just lived a very simple life in a hotel. I personally loved it because I would be able to interact with the staff, Vietnam is bustling with tons of life and street life! I think also the reason why street photography is so great for us is that it deals with other human beings. I think people Often spend too much time trying to define street, in context of what it is, and what it is not. But however, to me this is all a bit off points; the more critical thing is that sooner or later, all of us street photographers have a shared passion for other humans and humanity; so anything that could bring us closer to other human beings is a good thing.

Also in terms of people who do yoga and the like, I really do think it is that people like being around other human beings! I think what we have learned through Covid is the greatest human joy is being around other human beings. Even though we don’t have to directly interact with them, we love being around other people! For example for us technology workers,  that is why a lot of us like to do work at coffee shops; we feel more safe secure and happy when we are adjacent to other human beings. Even though we don’t have to directly interact with them, I think we like having other “non-playable characters” around us!

Why we love travel so much

My theory on why we love traveling so much is that it leads us to interact more with other human beings, whether directly or indirectly. For example, even the simple act of transit; jumping in an Uber, going to the airport, flying, going to new places etc. I think the average American spends too much time alone, when you go elsewhere you’re constantly surrounded by other human beings. This is why I think typically speaking I am happier in Southeast Asia; More time around other human beings. And also very happy Culver City friendly lifestyle I enjoy, because in Los Angeles, it is one of the very few places that I could actually see other human beings walking around, etc.


I think we often underestimate the amount of agency and control we have over our lives. Everything you do in your life is your own choice.

For example, I wonder if 90% of your life, your own personal life enjoy is actually centered around your local, where you decide to live, how do you decide to live etc.

For example very basic things; if you don’t want to work anymore, it is very easy for you to retire right now, move to Cambodia or Vietnam, live a simple life for only $300 USD a month for rent. For example, I credit living in Vietnam for a year And going off the grid to have some deep philosophical introspection; I think this is a very beneficial idea for almost anybody, who is seeking to “find themselves “, or to seek greater clarity in their lives.

Phnom Penh Cambodia, Hanoi, Saigon, Mexico City etc.

What do you want from and out of your life?

How to live, what to live for, critical things to consider.

If you’re on the fence about having a kid or not, just do it. Having a child is the single best innovation you could do for your life. It is literally going from zero to one.

I cannot speak for having multiple children yet, as currently I only have one kid. But certainly having Seneca has brought me the ultimate joy in life, the ultimate direction, ultimate purpose. It is very simple;, my personal life. I don’t even have to blink twice.

For people who are just living for themselves, I think is actually very empty. 

Even as a kid, it seem to make a lot of logical sense; the purpose of a parent was to sacrifice for their children. For example, seeing how much my mom sacrificed for me, was ultimate example, a blueprint which I embedded for Seneca.

Now what?

I cannot speak for everybody, but for me, I think getting married but not to have kids, is like dating 2.0; after getting married with Cindy, certain things become a little more serious like combining finances, our commitment to another etc.… But the true test in the true meaning is having a child together, raising the child together.

Certainly not everyone has to have a kid if you don’t want to. People have metaphorical children through their artwork; even Nietzsche said:

Either kids or books (lubricant aut liberi)

Nietzsche was essentially doing a funny Latin pun, saying that women either give birth to books, or children, never both. I am impressed that Cindy has done both.


Now that Covid is essentially over, I think a very simple way to live life is to treat your life like dune. I think watching Dune part two has had the strongest most recent effect on me; imagine that you were Paul Atrides– and that your life was as grand epic. Live your life like it.

I actually had a funny thought, that if you are a father, and you have birth at least one male air, assuming that your firstborn kid was actually a son… You as a father should consider yourself infinitely blessed. For example, I imagine myself like the Duke of Baracus, and that my son was Seneca.

I also suppose that I’m in a very privilege and unique position in which that I am self-employed, might have been the only child ever been raised, by his father, from birth until now. Never having to be put into daycare, preschool, etc. As a consequence, The most capable kid of all time, at the age of three years, two months.

If you have the option, you should be the one to raise your child, not strangers. 


The hilarious irony; I’ve made my living from writing, yet I have never considered myself a writer, nor do I think it is a big deal. In fact, when I was in school, I never did that well in English; it was simply pragmatic.

For me, writing is simply probably the most direct, simple and effective means for communication.  for example, writing and reading to me is at least 10,000 times faster, more effective than listening to things. For example, with interviews I would always prefer to read the transcript instead of listening to the whole thing, the information intake of reading is 1 trillion times more effective for me.

And also writing for the same thing; I could output at a much higher and faster rate than