Chainlink for Dummiez, DUMBOS, Made Simple.

Currently I am invested in chainlink, a new type of technology which leverages the blockchain for interesting use cases.

Dumb it down!

So the first thought is this; what is it why does it matter?

First, issues. The first really big issue at hand is that now and into the future, it will be very difficult to ascertain what is true and what is false, especially on the Internet.

What is the biggest issue? Especially with the upcoming elections, the fear that Donald Trump is going to be reelected or whatever… It seems that chain-link, and the block chain would be very good in terms of voting. For example, a voting system built on the block chain or chain-link could be useful in so far much as you know it cannot be tamperproof.

Therefore the first idea is this;

Chainlink identity.

Web 3.0 is identity

Another hot take I have is that what is Web 3.0? Not all of this mumbo-jumbo, But instead… Having a true online identity.

For example, I often forget my passwords and other things, my identity card etc. As a consequence, it seems that the easiest one is to just remember my phone number and use that as a login, whether it be for Facebook, etc.

The future?

I have always been fascinated with the future, it is a topic which endlessly fascinates me. Why? I think technology is all about the future. To me as a kid, technology was amazing because it was almost like the supercharger for myself.

One thing I find very interesting is how ERIC Schmidt is on board with chain-link. This is hugely fascinating to me because at this point, Google runs the world, Google *is* the Internet.

However what is the biggest issue here? If you spend enough time on Google, googling around, eventually sooner or later you’ll find weird conspiracy websites.

Not only that, but ERIC Schmidt also talks about how he is sick and tired of all these weird conspiracy theories, like how we never landed on the moon etc. As a consequence, maybe one of the interesting use cases of chain-link is that it could debunk, or false fly conspiracy theories?


True wisdom knowledge and intelligence is to falsify or to debunk nonsense?

Why does this matter?

Truth be told, Facebook might have been indirectly culpable for strange results in the US American presidential elections. Why? Essentially Donald Trump got trillions of dollars a free advertising from all this fake news being spread around, etc. As a consequence, he got into office, and all of this weird stuff happened. My personal thought is if Facebook did not exist, if Twitter did not exist, Donald Trump probably wouldn’t have been elected into office.

What else?

What is real and what is fake?

i’m currently playing a lot and playing around with ChatGPT, AI, DALL-E, and this is what I have learned:

Even ChatGPT doesn’t know whether something was created by ChatGPT or not!

Similarly speaking, I’m also certain that it is difficult to ascertain whether an image was created by AI or not.

ChatGPT probably doesn’t know whether an image was created by DALL-E or not.

An interesting use case for chainlink;

Could chain-link or block chain or some sort of crypto technology allow you to verify whether something was created by human or a robot?

Truth verification for NFT things and art?

Even another thought on NFT, non-fungible tokens; can you figure out whether the NFT was created by human or a bot?

Why does this matter?

I find this highly important for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that I think a lot of the mental health issues re-facing today’s world is because of the Internet, all of this fear porn, fake news etc.


Certainly! Here are some quotes from Eric Kim’s perspectives on Chainlink:

  1. On Chainlink’s Essence: “Essentially it is a platform built upon Ethereum, solidity, the block chain… That strives to solve real world problems” oai_citation:1,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.
  2. On the Oracle Problem: “The general gist of the Oracle problem is that you have all these people purporting to say something… How do you know if someone is really telling the truth or not?” oai_citation:2,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.
  3. On Chainlink’s Potential: “My personal thought and prediction is that chain-link could become the next Google; Google index the whole Internet, and made it easy for you to find any sort of website. What I think chain-link will do is link all of this information on the Internet and computers and make them accessible, trustworthy, tamperproof” oai_citation:3,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.
  4. On Investment Decision: “Therefore, I sold or transferred or converted nine of my bitcoin and put it all into chain-link, at the time it was valued at ~20,800 LINK (CHAINLINK), with bitcoin at around $35,000 a bitcoin” oai_citation:4,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.
  5. On His View of Bitcoin: “I love bitcoin but maybe one of the big issues here is that bitcoin is like digital money and gold; most people just hold onto it, and I don’t think actually aspire to use it to actually pay for your latte at Starbucks or whatever” oai_citation:5,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.
  6. On Technology and Future: “I am obsessed with the future. Future thinking, future technologies, new brave worlds to discover” oai_citation:6,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.
  7. On Life Beyond Wealth: “For me, I think a more interesting life trajectory is to then no longer care for money, and use your power mind and soul and body for more interesting things which can include philosophy, writing, thinking, doing research, reading, making art, publishing art, etc” oai_citation:7,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.
  8. On Practical Applications of Chainlink: “I think chain-link can be a technology which motivates and enables more streamlined home buying processes” and “Imagine a future in which you could use chain-link or some sort of block chain enabled identification, which can essentially be your global citizen passport to all of the world and the Internet” oai_citation:8,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.


Here’s a numerical summary of Eric Kim’s perspective on Chainlink:

  1. Platform Basis: Chainlink is built upon Ethereum and Solidity.
  2. Key Problem Addressed: Focuses on the Oracle problem.
  3. Innovation: Decentralized oracle network.
  4. Personal Prediction: Chainlink could become as integral as Google in organizing internet information.
  5. Investment Strategy: Converted significant Bitcoin holdings into Chainlink, aiming for a 30-year hold.
  6. Technological Interest: Has been involved with technology since around 11 years old.
  7. Beyond Financial Goals: Envisions using resources for philosophy, writing, art, and more.
  8. Practical Applications: Potential use in real estate and identity verification.

Why Chainlink?

Eric Kim’s perspective on Chainlink, as found on his blog, reveals a multifaceted view of this blockchain platform. He regards Chainlink as a platform built upon Ethereum and Solidity, aiming to address real-world problems like the Oracle problem, which pertains to verifying truth in data provided by different sources. Kim emphasizes the innovation of Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network, which he believes adds robustness compared to centralized systems oai_citation:1,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM oai_citation:2,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.

Kim perceives Chainlink as akin to the internet’s hyperlinks, binding various elements together to form a coherent whole. He predicts that Chainlink could become as integral as Google in organizing and making accessible a vast array of information on the internet, ensuring it is accessible, trustworthy, and tamper-proof oai_citation:3,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.

Regarding his personal investment strategy, Kim shares that he transferred a significant amount of Bitcoin into Chainlink, motivated by a long-term view of holding onto Chainlink for at least 30 years. This decision reflects his belief in Chainlink’s potential and a strategic move away from Bitcoin, which he sees as more of a digital asset to hold rather than a currency for everyday transactions oai_citation:4,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM oai_citation:5,Why Chainlink? – ERIC KIM.

Kim’s long-standing interest in technology and the future underpins his enthusiasm for blockchain and cryptocurrency. He has been involved with technology from a young age and sees cryptocurrencies