Capital Thoughts

Capital runs everything around me

“The point of life isn’t money, said all poor people.”

4am– and I’m zoning.

Lately, I’ve been on a bit of a Bitcoin kick. Actually, ever since 2017, 2018, ever since I’ve gone into bitcoin at around $6,000… $7000 a Bitcoin.  now with bitcoin hovering at around $70,000 a bitcoin… it looks like my initial thought and prediction was right. I’ve more than 10x’d my money, and now that I’m in milli territory, lots of interesting new thoughts.

The primary thought revolves around capital. I think the funny irony is that even though we all live in a capitalist society, nobody ever gives a deep and critical thought about capital, capitalism.

For example, the first question; what exactly is capital, and why does it matter?

Capital & money 

I think superficially, we think about money, money as in cash money, fiat currency, the ones and zeros in your bank account, or cash paper money Fiod currency. Hundred dollar bills, etc.

However at the end of it, I’ve come to realize that in actuality, capital is the goal, not “money“ in the traditional sense.

So in short what is capital? Capital actually comes from Ancient Greek, caput, kaput, head, cap. And this original idea was from the past idea that wealth was not in coinage as the ancient Greeks did not have coin money. They had gold, and heads of cattle. 

Or if you look back far enough, what the greedy king Agamemnon seemed to desire is more land, resources, women, slaves, gold, etc. 

Even the war weary Achilles wanted to just retire, retire from war, to stop putting his life at risk for more gain, and to simply retire back to his own lands, with Breisis, his prize.

Modern day times

I’m starting to unravel more and more about the inadequacies of capital, capitalism in general.

First of all, in a general sense, and capitalism is good. If it weren’t for capitalism, you would not enjoy your Wi-Fi, your iPhone, digital photography, etc. I think objectively speaking, capitalism is a single ruling force which has uplifted the lives of billions of people on this planet.

I think the difficult thing for a lot of people to understand is that with greater upsides also comes greater downsides.

For example, greed, love of money, comes with the growth of capitalism. But then again, the greed of others is sometimes beneficial because it helps the poor and impoverished.

For example, poor, my definition of being poor is knowing that as a high school student, when your mom was driving her old Nissan Maxima with old tires, in the ring, with the risk of dying in a car accident, we could not afford $300 to change the tires. Or, your dad gambling away the rent money again, or maybe the fourth or fifth time, and your mom telling you in the middle of the night to be prepared that you and your sister might be homeless. And might need to get into a shelter.

Growing up in this world of parity, and now that I’m rich, it certainly changes many of my perceptions about money in general.

Saving money

I think the irony of capital and capitalism is in regards to saving versus spending money.

Technically, the path to becoming rich is just driving an old Toyota Prius, and saving up all your money, and converting that money into capital, property, bitcoin etc.

In the road to poverty is drinking alcohol, going out, eating at restaurants, using the yelp app, using Instagram and social media, traveling to Japan etc.

There seems to be two forces that place; intelligent people who preserve, and accumulate and stack their capital, and the foolish people who squander their money in capital, and are essentially living paycheck to paycheck.

What or who is the top 1%?

First, debt. Debt is the exact opposite of wealth.  

All debt is bad, even the “good“ debt. This includes your mortgage, student loans, credit card bills, car payments, any sort of debt.

The simple first wealth strategy is via negativa;

  1. Unlearn the insane notion of getting a 30 year home mortgage loan, being enslaved to a piece of property, kind of like a modern day sharecropper, for that long seems insane
  2. The best car is no car, the Tyler Durden, the fight club way. My simple wealth strategy has been very simple; in my whole adult life, I have never spent more than $3000 USD on a car.
  3. Groceries and food; Amazon fresh, Amazon prime Whole Foods discounts, meat markets, El super, super king, Costco. Ironically enough if you do it right, a 100% carnivore diet is 1000 times cheaper than eating vegetables fruits etc.

What to splurge on?

I think the only thing which is worth splurging on is paying high amounts of money to live in an insanely great neighborhood and area, as time and space constraints are real.

For example, living in our very nice two bedroom, one bath apartment in Culver City, darts district, for $3200 a month. Might be the best use of money, as it allows for maximum mobility, walking, wandering, a five minute walk to the metro, a better life for Seneca.

However truth be told, if Cindy‘s job wasn’t based here in LA, I would see zero reason for living in the states. Instead I would prefer to live in Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangkok or Thailand somewhere else; for example, you live in a very very nice brand new studio apartment in Hanoi Vietnam for only $320 USD a month. Speaking, you could rent a two bedroom apartment in Cambodia for only $300 USD a month!

With my bitcoin and capital Mensching at a fantastic rate, I could probably live 10 lifetimes in Cambodia or in southeast Asia somewhere; and some of the upsides of living abroad the purchasing power parody; you got at least 1000 X economic leverage in developing countries, in America, common … even a McDonald’s or in and out worker earns $20 an hour! 

Capital accumulation

I suppose the tricky thing — the trend is capital, capital accumulation… but for the sake of what?