Your body matters

Why Your Body Matters 

In modern daytimes, we believe there to be a divorce between the body, the mind, the soul whatever.

For example, we have this foolish idea that somehow, you could just be stuck in bars all day, and somehow have beautiful thoughts, beautiful ideas, etc.

Also other weird things; we tend to praise all of these artists, and creators who are all hooked on alcohol drugs methamphetamines etc.

For example, we all go gaga over Jean-Michel Basquiat, or Jackson Pollock artwork, but, don’t you know that Jackson Pollock was a severe alcoholic, I think he died in a car accident while driving under the influence of alcohol. Bad.

Also, Jean-Michel Basquiat, I think was hooked on cocaine or some other weird drugs. Therefore what we consider “innovative”, in terms of artwork is simply drugs manifesting in strange ways visual art imagery words etc.

Can you be innovative without drugs alcohol etc.? 

Am I the only sober millennial alive? The only person who was born in 1988, currently 36 years old, that doesn’t drink alcohol, any alcohol, smoke weed or do any drugs? I’ve only smoked weed maybe twice in my life, I wasn’t really into it that much. And I quit drinking alcohol not out of ethical reasons, but simply I didn’t like the way you made my body feel. The big realization was when I would track my sleep, and actually discovered that after drinking alcohol, even a small amount, didn’t actually help me to sleep, but ruined my sleep by 500%.

Why are all academics either low-key alcoholics, and also a lot of them are hooked on weed? 

Another strange thing with higher up elite society, a lot of them think and assume that for some reason wine is associated with elites, fanciness, whatever. Little do they know that wine is just sugary grape juice that makes you fat, with a good conscience. To know all this constipated knowledge about so-and-so wine grower and so so region, another way that people could feel big in grand for being fat, lazy, and alcoholics.

In modern-day America, it is not permitted to be anti-alcohol, or even anti-weed? 

First, I actually think that marijuana is a lot less bad than alcohol. Alcohol might be worse than marijuana by 1000 X. It is true that nobody ever died while smoking too much weed, but a lot of people do die from drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol might be one of the most toxic Substances on the planet, even Plutarch in his “Morals” mentions how the real serious soldiers, one day were at war, or in war, would be very wise to abstain from alcohol. Blue tart said that only slaves would drink alcohol, but actually in fact, if masters were smart, they would prevent their slaves from drinking alcohol, because it would make them wanton, and change their behavior in poor ways.