How to Create Mood in Your Photography

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Dear friend,

I want to share some thoughts on how to create mood in your photos:

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1. How do you feel?

Tokyo, 2016

First of all, think of the mood you want to convey.

At the moment, I am currently feeling a bit nostalgic about the past. I am feeling peaceful, calm, and tranquil. I am content in life. I am embracing minimalism as much as I can, while listening to hip hop instrumentals.

A lot of conveying a certain mood in your photography is through how you put your photos together. You want to only show photos that has a certain mood or emotion. You want to have a consistency of images.

The cliche is that nostalgic photos are black and white. They certainly are for me.

eric kim street photography - tokyo-0000324 - mood
Tokyo, 2016

In 2015-2016, I was shooting more color — because life felt more vivid, more exciting, and more upbeat. But as of 2016-2017, I feel more reflective, and moody.

So in this series, I only included monochrome images, all from my entire history of photography (2009-2017). I only selected minimalist photos, which conveyed a sense of space, of emptiness, yet had a sense of longing and soul.

Think of all the emotions out there. Try to put together an edit of images that conveys how you feel.

2. Listen to music

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I am currently addicted to listening to hip hop instrumentals. I got inspired to put together a mix of my favorite hip hop songs, and tried to put together images that paired how I felt.

I know some photographers like to listen to music while they shoot. I know some photographers who like to listen to music while they edit and post-process their photos. I know some photographers who like to put together images, based on a certain soundtrack.

So if you want to better convey a certain mood in your photography, listen to a certain playlist, soundtrack, or album that you feel inspiration from. Then put together images that fit that soundtrack.

3. Don’t use your brain

The last tip about creating a certain mood in your photography project is to not think too much. Think about how your photos make you feel — rather than how your photos look.

In photography, we are too obsessed about composition, form, shapes, and putting together some ‘coherent’ narrative.

For me, I like to harness spontaneity. I like to follow my gut. I don’t like to use my brain too much when putting together a photo series.

The less you use your brain, the more you can use your emotions and soul to put together a body of work which reflects your inner-mood.

Create your own mood

If you’re inspired to show a certain mood, think about what mood you want to convey (joy, happiness, uplifting feelings, sadness, solitude, nostalgia, or despair). Put together a series of images which touches you, and share it on social media with the hashtag #mood

Here is currently my mood:





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Hanoi, 2017 (portrait by Cindy)

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