Why Do You Need “Inspiration” to Shoot?

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Many of us lack inspiration to go out and make photos. Why?

If we lack the inspiration to shoot, should we shoot? Why should we force ourselves to be “inspired”?

Follow your natural drive

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If you don’t have a natural passion or drive to do something, don’t do it.

If photography is really your passion, you shouldn’t need to force yourself to make photos. You would just take photos naturally, everyday, as much as you can — just like a dog wags its tail.

If you’re a writer— why do you get writer’s block? Is it because you’re afraid of people judging you negatively? Or is it because you have no ideas? Or is it because you don’t feel the compulsion to write?

Don’t shoot when you don’t want to shoot

eric kim street photography color

Try this as an experiment: if you don’t feel like taking any photos, don’t take any photos. If you force yourself to make photos when you don’t feel like them — they will lack soul, passion, and enthusiasm. And you won’t be able to fool your viewer.

I’ve seen a lot of my uninspired photographer friends try “365 photography projects” — where they take at least 1 photo a day, and upload a photo everyday to social media for 365 days straight. Yet all these photos end up being boring, cliche, and lacking in soul.

I’d rather see a photographer only take photos when they feel passionate, and upload 1 great photograph a year (than 365 mediocre photos a year).

Where I got this idea from

eric kim street photography color

The source of this idea is from Elon Musk, who advised aspiring entrepreneurs the advice: “If you need someone to inspire you to be an entrepreneur, you probably shouldn’t be an entrepreneur.”

Also I got the idea from Nassim Taleb — who only writes when he feels like it. Because he mentions that “the reader is no fool” — the reader will be able to see through your B.S. (if you don’t have any natural passion for your writing).

Don’t do creative work you don’t want to do


By not forcing yourself to do anything you don’t want to do (in the creative field) you will feel a lot more peaceful, less anxious, and happier.

You will do less creative work, but you will do better creative work. Your creative work will be more spirited, soulful, and passionate.

And I also think it is good for us to take a break from production. We often need long stretches of studying art, the masters, and creative outlets— to accumulate ideas, knowledge, and inspiration.

You don’t need inspiration from others to pursue your passion. Just follow your heart. Do what is real, authentic, and spontaneous for you. I have great faith in you.


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