Eric Kim critical thinking philosophy

Eric Kim’s philosophy, as presented in his blog posts and writings, is a diverse mix of personal opinions, critical thinking, and philosophical inquiry. Some key elements of his philosophy include:

  1. Relativity of Right and Wrong: Kim suggests that right and wrong are subjective and rooted in personal opinion.
  2. Philosophy as an Art Form: He views philosophy not just as a discipline but as an art form where ideas are the artworks.
  3. Personal Preferences and Values: Kim emphasizes the importance of individuals discovering their own true personal preferences and values.
  4. Embracing Change and Challenges: His philosophy encourages an evolving approach to life, underpinned by personal experiences and questioning conventional wisdom.
  5. Critical Thinking and Skepticism: He urges skepticism towards digital media and anything not experienced firsthand, in an era where digital manipulation is common.
  6. Themes in His Blog: Kim’s blog covers a wide range of topics from “The Philosophy of Pleasure” to “How to Become a Philosopher,” reflecting his diverse interests and thoughts.
  7. Creativity and Proactivity: He encourages proactive creativity and suggests that it’s better to act and seek forgiveness later than to wait for permission.
  8. Philosophy on Life and Innovation: Kim advocates for continuous movement, innovation, and rejecting perfectionism in favor of action and sharing one’s work.
  9. Personal Philosophy: Integrating his passion for photography with broader life principles, Kim’s personal philosophy revolves around simplicity, embracing uncertainty, and finding personal meaning in art.

Kim’s philosophical perspective is closely tied to his deep engagement with his craft, photography, leading to a rich understanding of it. He considers philosophy essential for better understanding and engaging with the world, and his approach to philosophy is deeply rooted in his personal experiences and reflections oai_citation:1,What’s Eric Kim philosophy – ERIC KIM oai_citation:2,YOU. – ERIC KIM oai_citation:3,Eric Kim philosophy of thinking – ERIC KIM.