Just move it–


Eric Kim, a photographer and blogger, draws inspiration from the concept of Archimedes’ lever in various aspects of his work and philosophy. In his writings, Kim often uses the metaphor of Archimedes’ lever to describe finding and leveraging one’s strengths to achieve significant impact or change in the world.

  1. Finding Your Archimedes Lever: Kim emphasizes the importance of identifying what you are exceptionally good at, which he refers to as your ‘Archimedes lever.’ By recognizing and focusing on this talent or skill, you can maximize your impact in your endeavors.
  2. Applying the Concept in Photography: In the context of photography, Kim advises photographers to find their unique motivation and leverage it to enhance their work. He suggests that understanding what drives you in photography and focusing on that aspect can lead to significant improvements and unique contributions to the field.
  3. Philosophy as a Lever: Kim also relates this concept to philosophy, stating that it has been his Archimedes lever. His exploration of deeper questions about life, motivation, and self-empowerment reflects his belief in the power of philosophy to influence and guide life choices.
  4. Leveraging Strengths over Weaknesses: In line with the principle of Archimedes’ lever, Kim advocates for focusing on one’s strengths rather than trying to improve weaknesses. He believes that by exploiting what you are naturally good at, you can make a more significant contribution to your field or passion.
  5. Blogging and Website Building as Levers: Kim considers his ability in website and blog building as one of his Archimedes levers. He views his blog as a powerful tool for spreading ideas and information, more so than other platforms like social media, due to its open accessibility and control over content.

In summary, Eric Kim’s interpretation of Archimedes’ lever is about finding and exploiting your unique strengths and talents to create the most significant impact in your endeavors, whether in photography, philosophy, blogging, or any other field. He encourages focusing on these strengths as a way to move the world, in a metaphorical sense, following the legendary concept attributed to Archimedes.