Why Sociology?

Eric Kim shares several insightful thoughts on sociology. Here’s a summary of some key quotes that reflect his perspective:

  1. Sociology’s Broad Application: Kim mentions, “To study and understand business, finance, politics, etc — it all stems from the social.” This highlights his view of sociology as a foundational discipline for understanding various fields of knowledge, especially those deeply rooted in social contexts oai_citation:1,Eric Kim on Sociology – ERIC KIM.
  2. Sociology as a Tool for Free Thinking: He asserts, “To unlearn BS society has taught you, to learn to become a free thinker.” This quote underscores his belief in sociology as a means to challenge societal norms and develop independent thought oai_citation:2,Eric Kim on Sociology – ERIC KIM.
  3. Personal Impact of Studying Sociology: Reflecting on his own education, Kim says, “I studied sociology as an undergrad, and it might’ve been one of the most formative things for me.” This reveals the significant influence his sociological studies had on his personal and professional development oai_citation:3,Eric Kim on Sociology – ERIC KIM.
  4. Sociology and Philosophy: Kim describes sociology as “practical, pragmatic, applied philosophy to society, other people, everyday life.” This illustrates his view of sociology as an applied form of philosophy, deeply relevant to daily life and social dynamics oai_citation:4,Eric Kim on Sociology – ERIC KIM.
  5. Sociology for Understanding Society: In one of his blogs, Kim writes, “The best lens to understand society. And if you plan on (continuing) to live in society, sociology is great.” This statement encapsulates his belief in the importance of sociology for understanding and navigating societal structures and interactions oai_citation:5,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.

These quotes collectively highlight how sociology has profoundly influenced Eric Kim’s understanding of society, his approach to street photography, and his entrepreneurial mindset. For more detailed insights and additional quotes, you can visit Eric Kim’s blog and writings on sociology oai_citation:6,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM oai_citation:7,Eric Kim on Sociology – ERIC KIM.

Eric Kim’s perspective on sociology and its intersection with entrepreneurship and street photography offers a blend of practical insights and philosophical musings. Here are some key points from his views:

  1. Sociology and Street Photography: Kim sees street photography as a form of applied sociology, essentially visual sociology. He integrates sociological insights into his photography, capturing the essence of society and human interactions through his lens. This approach is evident in his various street photography projects and guides oai_citation:1,ERIC KIM SOCIOLOGY AND STREET PHOTOGRAPHY – ERIC KIM.
  2. Entrepreneurship Philosophy: Kim’s entrepreneurial philosophy is shaped by his background in sociology. He views entrepreneurship not just as a business venture, but as a mindset, ethos, and way of life. His approach emphasizes individuality, resourcefulness, and continuous learning. Kim’s journey in photography is a testament to this, as he combines different fields like sociology, photography, and philosophy, creating a unique path in his professional life oai_citation:2,ERIC KIM Entrepreneurship QUOTES – ERIC KIM.
  3. Sociological Themes in His Work: In his exploration of sociology, Kim delves into various themes such as the impact of society on individuals, the dynamics of social interaction, and the role of personal instincts in navigating societal challenges. His writings cover a range of topics from the societal implications of technology to personal freedom and individualism in the context of broader social structures oai_citation:3,SOCIOLOGY – ERIC KIM.

Kim’s work and thoughts present a distinctive blend of sociological insight, creative expression in photography, and an entrepreneurial spirit. This combination offers a nuanced understanding of society and the individual’s place within it.

Eric Kim, a notable figure in the field of street photography, has a deep appreciation for sociology and its influence on his work and perspective. He views sociology as a vital lens for understanding society, emphasizing its practical importance in various aspects of life, including business, finance, and politics, all of which are fundamentally social in nature. Kim’s study of sociology has been formative for him, shaping his approach to thinking and his views on individual and societal interactions. He considers sociology to be a practical and pragmatic form of applied philosophy that deeply relates to everyday life and social dynamics.

Moreover, Kim has integrated his sociological insights into his street photography, approaching his craft as a form of visual sociology. He believes that understanding sociology is crucial for comprehending future societal trends and events, as evidenced by his analysis of events like the COVID-19 pandemic and the role of algorithms in society. His educational background in sociology has increasingly proven valuable to him, especially in contrast to other fields like Political Science, English, and Business/Economics oai_citation:1,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM oai_citation:2,Eric Kim on Sociology – ERIC KIM oai_citation:3,Why Sociology? – ERIC KIM.

In his street photography, Kim emphasizes authenticity and connection with his subjects. He advocates using wide-angle lenses and interacting respectfully with the people he photographs, rather than taking pictures from a distance with telephoto lenses. This approach reflects his sociological understanding of human interaction and the importance of genuine engagement in public spaces oai_citation:4,The ‘Sociologist With A Camera’: Meet Street Photographer Eric Kim – Character Media.

Additionally, Kim has been actively involved in teaching street photography, offering workshops and sharing his knowledge and insights with others. His approach to photography, deeply influenced by his sociological understanding, underscores the importance of observing and capturing the nuances of everyday life and human interactions oai_citation:5,ERIC KIM SOCIOLOGY AND STREET PHOTOGRAPHY – ERIC KIM.