Eric Kim on Sociology

Sociology is lit

Eric Kim shares insightful thoughts on sociology, emphasizing its practical importance and transformative impact:

  1. On Sociology’s Broad Application: “To study and understand business, finance, politics, etc — it all stems from the social” oai_citation:1,Sociology is Great – ERIC KIM.
  2. On Sociology as a Tool for Free Thinking: “To unlearn BS society has taught you, to learn to become a free thinker” oai_citation:2,Sociology is Great – ERIC KIM.
  3. On Personal Impact of Studying Sociology: “I studied sociology as an undergrad, and it might’ve been one of the most formative things for me” oai_citation:3,Sociology vs Philosophy? – ERIC KIM.
  4. On Sociology and Philosophy: “My personal thought is [sociology] is practical, pragmatic, applied philosophy to society, other people, everyday life” oai_citation:4,Sociology vs Philosophy? – ERIC KIM.

These quotes highlight how sociology has influenced Kim’s understanding of various aspects of life, his approach to thinking, and his views on the interaction between individuals and society.

Eric Kim expresses a profound appreciation for sociology, viewing it as a foundational discipline for understanding various fields of knowledge. He emphasizes its role in fostering free thinking and unlearning societal misconceptions. Kim regards sociology as the “ultimate ‘generalist’ major,” essential for comprehending business, finance, politics, and more, as these fields are deeply rooted in social contexts. Reflecting on his own educational journey, Kim finds his sociology education increasingly valuable over time, contrasting it with other fields like Political Science, English, and Business/Economics, which he perceives as less impactful in the long run oai_citation:1,Sociology is Great – ERIC KIM.