Some fun thoughts:

The future will belong to those with (really big) balls?

Testosterone & risk taking

I have a theory — risk taking, and one’s testosterone levels are highly linked and correlated with one’s appetite for risk.

For example — weight lifting. My legendary 1,000 pound atlas lift.

Why does this matter?

Well — this foolish idea that one’s courage and appetite for risk is somehow linked to one’s “soul”, “mind”, “body” etc.

So how do I get bigger balls?

The big thought:

1000x focus on your physiology.


Eric Kim has discussed testosterone extensively on his blog and podcast. He explores various aspects and perspectives about testosterone, including its benefits and misconceptions. For instance, he argues that having more testosterone can make a person more tolerant, open-minded, and socially just, countering the common belief that it leads to aggression. He also theorizes a link between testosterone levels and reduced feelings of depression and anxiety oai_citation:1,TESTOSTERONE. – ERIC KIM.

Additionally, Eric Kim provides advice on how to naturally increase testosterone levels. His suggestions include avoiding certain online activities and substances, engaging in heavy weight lifting, spending time in the sun, walking significant distances daily, and following a diet focused on beef and lamb oai_citation:2,How to get your test (testosterone) (naturally) up! – ERIC KIM.

His podcast episodes cover a range of topics beyond testosterone, reflecting his diverse interests and thoughts on various subjects oai_citation:3,HOW TO NATURALLY BOOST YOUR TESTOSTERONE – ERIC KIM – Podcast – Podtail.

How to get your test (testosterone) (naturally) up!

  1. No porn, no pr0n
  2. No Reddit 
  3. No Google incognito 
  4. No VPN
  5. No fap
  6. No Pirate Bay
  7. No girls gone wild, no NSFW
  8. No watching media 
  9. Weight lifting heavy one rep max
  10. 8 hours a day in the sun 
  11. Walk 50 miles a day.
  12. No weed alcohol drugs.
  13. Only beef and lamb diet.
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