The Philosophy of Hormones

It seems in today’s modern world, we don’t like to think that hormones exist, or affect us. We like to think that our mind is supreme, and can overcome and conquer any sort of hormonal considerations.

I have a theory that weightlifting helps us to activate certain hormonal pathways in the body which activates muscle building, skeletal muscle accumulation, as well as strengthening our bones, sinews, and our bodies. Also, these positive hormones are good, as it uplifts our mood, makes us more happy and gay and joyful, and motivates us.

Shift your hormones

A simple thought; think and realize that if hormones play a huge role in our own physiological well-being, think of things as some sort of hormonal thing.

For example, if you want to be happier, how can you shift your hormones to be more happy? More time walking, in the direct sun, hiking, seeing varying terrain, interacting with other humans, etc.

Let us also consider that interacting with other humans shifts our hormones in good ways. For example, witnessing a beautiful woman, or even a beautiful man, will shift our hormones in a positive way.

Or, a more funny example, imagine that you are a heterosexual man, and you are strapped to a chair, and then somebody forces you to watch some very sexy pornography. Can you force yourself to not have a boner? No. There are some things we cannot control.

It is our duty to be well, confident and happy

Contrary to what these dark and morose people think, I think it is our virtue and our duty to be happy, joyful, and gay!