How to Become Gay

Better to be a gay (happy and jovial) monster than to be a sentimental bore.

Via Nietzsche — via Galliani.

“The gay science” (The Joyful Wisdom)

Gai— old French. Joyful, merry.

Nietzsche has this fun book called the joyful wisdom, or “La Gaya Sciencia”. Basically it is a book about joy.

Choose joy

I think in life, one actually does have the option to choose to be dark and morose, or to be gay and jovial.

Eat more flesh

Eat more carne, red meat, flesh, beef ribs, beef liver, etc.

Vegetarianism and veganism and depression?

I have a funny theory; have you ever met a vegetarian or vegan person who doesn’t drink beer or alcohol? I haven’t. Why?

When one adopts a vegetarian or vegan diet, they become weaker and more physiologically depressive, and thus need to offshoot their physiological depression with alcohol.

Stay away from dark, morose, and miserable people

Play people tend to be dark and Rose tend to prefer dark and unlit places. Bright and happy and joyful and Gabe people prefer to be outdoors, in the natural light.