A Critique of the iPhone

The other day I went to an Apple store, and I am so insanely disappointed. Why? All of the new products are lame, boring, and uninteresting. All of the colorways are lame, they are far too many categories of products now, Apple has lost her initial vision, ala Steve Jobs and Jony Ive.

A really big critique is the iPhone, which is supposed to be humankind’s most important tool. The iPhone Pro has become insanely lame. After using my iPhone SE for so long, and also Cindy‘s iPhone mini, I am insanely shocked to see just how big, bulky, and ugly the iPhone Pro is. Also, even the new deep purple color only went halfway; the color should have been bolder. Even up close, it is difficult to differentiate between the deep purple and the space gray.

My personal vision for the iPhone, or the iPhone pro is the device which is actually the smallest, thinnest, and lightest. A real iPhone Pro is not a camera. An iPhone Pro should rather be like a super mega computer, like an iPad Pro mini mini.

What should the phone be for? My personal vision is that a phone should be your new computer. It should be so light, so unobtrusive, so thin, it should just disappear into your hand. It should just be extension of you.

The hilarity is that 99.9% of people just use their iPhone Pro to text message. And the funny thing that I’ve discovered is the bigger, bulkier and heavier the phone, the more difficult it is to text, and also reduces your texting productivity. The most productive iPhone is the smallest and lightest, either the iPhone SE or the iPhone Mini.

Also from a productivity perspective, any device which is bigger and more powerful but heavier is worse for productivity. Why? Even with the laptop, the biggest benefit of a laptop is that you could just seamlessly move it around so easily. Therefore, your overall productivity will be higher on the MacBook Air than it is on a heavier MacBook Pro. Why? Easier to slip the MacBook Air into your bag or backpack, go to the local coffee shop, or even just move around the house. The heavier 14 inch MacBook Pro is kind of a bizarre device; if it is that big and powerful, you’re probably not gonna move it, so isn’t it better to just get a desktop computer instead? A Mac Mini or maybe the new Mac Studio?