NEWS: How to Create a New Legacy

A nice thought: rather than seeking to imitate your past self, or continue to do what you are successful at, perhaps it is better and more interesting to strive to create a new legacy; experimenting and innovating and things you are either ignorant of, or attempting some thing radically new.

1. Beginner’s mind

The first simple thought is this; adopt the mind of a beginner, or the mind of a child. Even when I look at my one year seven month year-old son, the way he experiences things is radically fresh. He touches things, and experiments things, in order to figure out what happens. Perhaps we should also try to do the same; rather than seeking money or success or fame, we are simply curious about the feedback which will happen if we try something new.

For example, when Seneca hits the shutter button on my camera, or plays with any other function buttons on the back of my Ricoh GR camera, he is simply curious what will happen. And once he discovers what the thing does, he likes to do it again, in order to strengthen the feedback loop cycle.

2. Creative seclusion

Why is it that all these successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and billionaires end up in some sort of silent retreat in the mountain or in the woods, or why so many major religions were founded by individuals went to the desert?

It seems that in order to innovate something radically new, you must radically seclude yourself. For example, one of my great renaissance‘s or rebirths was when I went super Zen monk mode in Vietnam for two years; radical disconnection from everything.

Also, I think it is a good idea to not seek feedback from anyone else, but simply to do things because you’re curious about the outcome.

3. Health

Also, in order to innovate something totally brand-new, insanely robust health is essential. For example, I’m currently in the countryside in Korea, and I have found that in the countryside, I just sleep way better. Getting better sleep has helped me gain more strength, which also gives me more chutzpah to try something new.

4. Kids don’t care for money

Another thing which I am very proud of my son Seneca is that he has no concept or interest in money. To a child, money is simply a piece of useless paper. He is far more interested in playing with cars, throwing around rocks, walking up and down incline surfaces, And exploring the world.

How is it that we are adults become so corrupted by seeking money? Society.

You cannot really innovate or create something new if you’re seeking money. Why is that? If you try something totally brand-new, most likely it will not directly result in making money. If you want a steady flow of cash, easier to have a 95 job, and receive a predictable salary, either every two weeks or every month, or just be an Uber driver, and you directly get money feedback from the activities what you do.

5. Radical newness

But if you think about the really really successful companies, they tried something radically new before they even knew it was possible to make money with it. For example, in the early days of Facebook; do you remember when there were no advertisements? Even Mark Zuckerberg said in the early days that he thought that advertisements were lame.

Or Google, they started off as a search engine. This is before they were able to figure out how to advertise and monetize search.

Also another bias I have discovered about Silicon Valley, Y Combinator, etc.; they have helped many start ups become very successful, but the really really insanely successful companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google never went through an incubator program. Therefore, my thought is this:

If you want to become insanely insanely great, or build some radically new company, you must disconnect yourself from all notions of Silicon Valley, venture capital, Y Combinator, start ups, etc.

6. The best way to create a legacy is not to think about your legacy

Let us all assume we will live to be 120 years old. And let us also assume there is no conscious afterlife. Then what is the point of it all?

I think deep down, we all have some sort of altruistic love of humanity. We want future humans to prosper. This becomes especially true once you have a kid; assuming no texting while driving accidents happen, they will most likely outlive you.

7. Use the Internet

The hilarity is that even in the year 2022, the internet is still the future.

For example, the upside is that Google is doing a good job indexing everything on the Internet, which means if you are well indexed on Google, most likely your stuff will persist into the future.

Also, the upside of making things open, free and open source. Standalone JPEG files, zip files, PDF files and off-line storage like thumb drives and SD cards will persist well into the future.

8. What will change, what will not change?

Things which are constantly changing and evolving include technology, devices, etc. However there are certain things which do not change like ideas, wisdom, inspiration and motivation.

Also, in terms of what lasts or what doesn’t last, it seems that individuals and their ideas and philosophies last, whereas nations, civilizations, and empires do not last.

Schools of thought, and cultures seem to have also a good robust lifecycle. 

9. Pursue things you truly care for 

Let your own personal enthusiasm and interest guide you. Once you get bored or something, move on, or reimagine and reinterpret it.

For example, everything that I write, blog, and share or publish is an offshoot of something which personally interests me. If it does not interest me, there is no enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is only possible when you are personally curious about it. 

10. The never ending stream

The other day I looked at this water wheel, which was powered by a small stream. The thing that is so interesting about the stream of water is this; it never stops flowing.

Even if you think about information, data, etc.; it is all considered a “stream”.

Therefore with your blog, or your channels for publication, just keep flowing it and streaming it. No end.

Flow on!


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