ERIC KIM MINIMALISM PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP 2022 (Downtown LA, November 5th, Saturday)

Dear friend, if you desire a creative turbocharger for your photography, I cordially invite you to my new and upcoming photography minimalism workshop in downtown Los Angeles this November 5th, Saturday, 2022:

Why minimalism?

Minimalism is one of my great interests and passions. Especially in the context of photography.

I personally believe that the more minimalist you can make your photos, the better photos you can make. Also, I like the idea that minimalism is both an artistic aesthetic as well as a life aesthetic.

How to see

The focus of this workshop will be towards building your visual acuity; that is, your ability to see photography compositions before your very eyes.

The gift and skill of seeing is the thing that will stay with you your whole photography lifetime. And for me, photography composition is the ultimate goal and game.

Why attend in-person?

The biggest benefit of attending an in-person workshop is that you’ll actually be able to go out and make new photos. And this is the goal of photography. To make new photos.

Also, for me the biggest gain of attending an in person photography workshop is the fun and social one. Collectively as a group, you have more courage in your photography, and more fun. Also, much faster feedback and iteration to improve your photos from me, ERIC KIM your personal photography coach.

Become fearless

In addition to improving your photography composition skills, this workshop will also be focused on building your own personal courage in photography, street photography, and creativity.


Some topics we will cover:

  1. How to NOT HESITATE before hitting the shutter.
  2. The secrets of predicting the decisive moment before it happens
  3. How to spot more photo opportunities while on the streets
  4. How to interact with strangers, and direct making a street portrait
  5. Real honest feedback and constructive critique on your photography, and future creative assignments for you
  6. The opportunity for you to share your photography creative ideas, and also your entrepreneurial endeavors with me and the group.
  7. How to see the streets in black and white. Also practical tips on how to shoot minimalist color photos
  8. Encouragement, and a creative push from me for you to get closer when shooting street photography, to shoot more boldly, and how to “work the scene”.
  9. Increased inspiration and motivation for your photography both during, and after the workshop
  10. Insane fun!

All upside, no downside

pinnochio nose

When I teach these workshops, I have my soul in the game. What does that mean? I have insane amounts of personal pride when it comes to teaching, and directing your photography success. If after attending the workshop, and you don’t feel satisfied with your experience, just let me know and I will give you a 100% moneyback refund. Because I have pride. Also, this gives me a personal motivation to ensure that you have the most phenomenal photography workshop experience possible.

Also a huge personal upside for myself is that I personally getting lots of great inspiration while teaching a photography workshop, and it is really personally fun and entertaining for me. Also gives me an opportunity to go out and make lots of new photos as well!

Also, I would like to meet you. In person. Some of the greatest connections I’ve personally made in my life is meeting people through my photography workshops. To share like minds not only just photography, but philosophy, entrepreneurship and life.

In fact, I love all of my students. I have loved every single student who has ever attended any of my workshops, both in person, or online. Why? If somebody is willing to stake their time and money, to have an experience with me, I favor them.

Your personal day of creative thriving

  • Date: November 5th, Saturday, 2022.
  • Time: 11am-4pm.
  • Meeting spot: ILCAFE DOWNTOWN LA, on Broadway (near the ACE hotel). 855 South Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles. Google Map Link. Feel free to go early, shoot some photos on Broadway, and have a great espresso there!
  • Parking: Any parking lot closeby. I go to ”Unified Parking Services” for the all-day spot (1023s S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015).
  • Where to stay: If you’re coming in from out of town, or just want to spend the night, I recommend the very cool in trendy Ace Hotel just down the street (around $200 a night, totally worth it). Or you could always just crash with a friend somewhere in LA, and either drive in or Uber to the workshop in the morning.
  • Investment: 920 USD (499 early-bird discount if full tuition submitted before October 31st, 2022).
  • Limited spots: 14 intrepid streettogs

How do I secure my spot?

downtown la

Limited spots. Secure your future:

Investment: $920USD (499USD early-bird discount if full tuition submitted before October 31st, 2022).


Normal $920USD TUITION PORTAL here.

This will be insanely fun for you!

  • How do I know my spot is secure? Once you have submitted your full tuition via the PayPal portal, your spot is 100% secure. A week prior to the workshop, you will receive more detailed instructions for me via my personal email.
  • How should I prepare for the workshop? No necessary preparation is needed. Just pump yourself up for an action packed day!

Insanely pumped to have you!


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